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Reply to "Robot umpires debut in independent Atlantic League"

Chico Escuela posted:
RJM posted:

The problem with referencing Deadspin is they’re one of the lowest forms of unprofessional, punk journalism. Their quality is right up there with the drunken, frat boy journalism at Barstool. 

Is something in the article factually wrong?  If so, I’d like to know (seriously). 

The worst part of the article was that the author said it sucks they are testing it at a low level. Sure the level makes a difference but where else do you want to test it? Testing it in indy ball, then maybe in the minors if successfull and finally the majors is exactly the right process.

I think this is just an argument by traditionalists who don't want change at all.

I mean the guy raves about how great adam silver is but NBA made tons of rule changes the last 20 years including two huge ones with allowing zone defense and moving the 3 point line back. Making some changes doesn't mean you hate the game, sports are changing rules all the time.

I also disagree that fans hate the juiced ball and homers. They hate the strikeouts and low batting averages but most casual fans like the bombs. If you de juice the ball without doing something to increase contact you make baseball unwatchable because it means you get the worst of both worlds (low average and low power). Bombs are the consolation price for the fans who want to see offense, very few like 2-1 games.

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