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Reply to "Robot umpires debut in independent Atlantic League"

Article on early results on the athletic.


Some players comment they like it others not.

But interesting think is results. According to the article the robo ump calls a narrower zone side to side (especially less outside strikes) but more strikes below the zone and above the zone.

So real umps make the zone shorter and wider compared to what it should be.

Interestingly runs per game and k rate are virtually unchanged pre and post robo ump, just the walk rate slightly dropped very slightly (but nothing dramatic) with the robo ump. Time per game is even a minute shorter now so delay is not an issue.

Btw the league actually already made a rule adjustment to account for the higher robo upper boundary, now a pitch at the top of the zone has to be in the zone whole diameter and not just graze it so basically rule book strike zone now is a ball shorter.

Early on they had technical difficulties with the system (even delayed the installation of the system a little) but now it seems to work pretty well. 

 I think this seems to be a success. Hitters will need to make adjustments a little as low and high is harder to adjust than in and out (swing and miss rates below and above the zone is higher than off the plate in and out) but they seem to be doing ok especially after the league adjusted the height of the zone a little.

Imo they should soon start to test it in the minors.

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