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In this clip, the batter has squared to bunt and the 1B is crashing (not creeping) towards home plate while the pitcher is releasing the ball.



That's what we want our bunt D to look like.

from this screen shot you can see that the firstbaseman didn't leave his position (holding the runner on) until after the pitcher released the ball.  He sprinted at that point because he is obviously holding the runner on and can't "Crash" just because the hitter shows bunt (which also can't be seen in this view).


So, the timing on this particular play is what I described before. 


Although, a better view would be one of the whole infield while a bunt is being shown early.


Here is a nice view from tonight's game between Oregon St and UC Irvine.  You can clearly see how the 3B crept in onto the grass area, then was in position to not over-comit on the fake bunt / slash. The hitter is standing there in the bunt stance and the 3B is standing still in a position that allows him to attack an actual bunt but also not get his face caved in the event the bunt is a fake.;


I am pretty sure the point of this discussion is whether or not the corner infielders should be "crashing" or "charging" aggressively PRIOR to the batter being in a committed point in the bunt - too late to pull back and swing away.  So just because someone is sprinting in doesn't mean they are "Crashing"..... especially when that doesn't occur until AFTER the pitcher has released the ball (like in this video)....or occurs late enough to still be in a properly defended position if the hitter is going to slash.... Agreed?


I am quite certain that we could find a thousand other clips of it being done wrong as well - that is the nature of the internet.  But trust me - this is how it was taught in professional ball as well.  As a matter of fact, as a pitcher in a national league organization we were FINED if we bunted into the wheel (or "crash" defense). 


I will go ahead and bow out of this conversation at this point. thank you for the back and forth - it's what makes this such a great game.