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Reply to "SoCal Scout Team Question"



Bend over backwards to play scout ball; understand what scout ball is and what it isn't. 


Our experience delivered all the desired results of scout ball: exposure to college recruiters, exposure to pro scouts, low (absurdly low) cost, exposure to the future pro players (to gauge their level of play, their heart, their spirit,etc.), excellent on the spot instruction in areas that scouts care about, and more.


We live in San Diego and the majority of scout games were in Orange County, LA, and riverside. But scout "games" are not travel games, nor showcase games. Our games would go on for oftentimes over 20 innings - with no one keeping score. Pitchers would throw - if in shape - perhaps two - three innings (sometimes one inning). Guys would come, throw their innings, and leave - and the game would go on. 


Ss first game: drive two hours, throw eight pitches for one inning, hang out until there was a need for a pitcher to play a fielding spot, stay five hours, drive home. Next week, lots of recruiting. On that team (we had maybe 60 players; but many didn't come every week [football season for many]) perhaps half were drafted out of HS and I would bet over half ultimately are playing proball.


There were no tournament trophies, no practices; this was really high end but low keyed baseball played by some really fine ball players. The kids played baseball - they didn't have plays, didn't bunt, allowed the kids to run. The team was partially chosen at open tryouts and partially made up of a preselected number. The preselected number were primarily from local coaches who were trusted by the scouts. There was no favoritism - every kid basically plays until they don't want to play further.


You also get out of scout ball what you put in - kids who show up every week develop a repore with the coaches (ours were area scouts and above) which can prove to be very helpful when a kid is seeking advise about baseball, girls, colleges, etc. 


In hindsight, I have to say that scout ball was a very good investment of time and money.