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Reply to "Some Baseball Parents UGH!"

I am sorry to hear that that is your experience.

My experience was for the most part very different, some of the best people I know are parents of former team mates of my son's various teams from Little League, to Select and including the high school team.

While we might occasional voice and share our opinions about a coach for the most part they all supported the coaches and especially our high school coach.

I think it comes down to one very important thing about the parents and coaches I met, for the most part they all wanted the best for my son and for the teams we all cheered for together.

I know I will continue to track the various players in college now that my son isn't playing any more and I will hope and pray for their success. I hope to see their parents around Dallas, I will go see some of the younger players play ball next spring at the various High Schools they attend.

I feel sorry for you and the current environment you believe you are caught in but I can tell you that your experience is not the norm when it comes to real baseball parents.

My advice to you and this comes from personal experience, keep your discontent from the view of your son and those parents and coaches that you think are conspiring against you because in the end it won't help your son and you will create a lot of negative energy in your life and his.

Please try to enjoy it while it lasts because it will all end way to soon.