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Son will be going to a brand new HS

I am in a total quandry about the future scholarship opportunities of my son, I could realy use the advise of some BTDT parents! Please bear with me as I give you some background.

Our soon to be 8th grader will be going to an established HS for his freshman year in 2006/2007, but in the fall of that year a new HS will be opening up and he will attend there from Sophmore on. The plan is to open the school with just a 9th and 10th grade and then add a new class with each subsequent year. So my son will always be the oldest class attending the school from 10th to 12th grade. Lots of benefits to this socially, academically and so on, but I am really worried about what this is going to do for him in athletics.

He plays up in select baseball, playing in a 14 and 15 year old league, while he will not turn 13 until end of July. He is the teams main pitcher, and although he has struggled at the plate lately, his defense is some of the best. He will be the MS's 8th grade starting QB for football next fall, and was the starting center on the "A" basketball team last year, I am assuming that will be the same this year as well. His academics are awesome, and he is always fortunate to recieve many acedemic awards from his teachers.

Before you start rolling your eyes, our younger son, who is also a good athelete....however is very very chalenging, so we have plenty of ying and yang at our house! pull_hair

The new HS's sports are likely going to suck, there is really no two ways about it. Sure there could be a miracle and they could really be a great group of kids that triumph.....but being that they will be at a disadvantage with no seniors till they become the seniors 3 years later, they will have a tough road I imagine.

If my son manages to continue to excell in any of his three sports(Baseball being his favorite by far) will the powers that be come and find him, or will he get hidden in a sea of loss columns????? My husband is a little worried, but seems to think that our son, if he is destined to play college ball, will rise above the rest.

We could buy my parents house and send him to a very large and established school with a great athletic program, especially baseball. But then he would likely be forced to drop down to one sport, and I don't want to close any window of opportunity that might be there for him. If baseball is a slim chance, but football is all means lets keep pursing the most lucrative college path.

So what do y'all think? Am I worrying for nothing?!?!?!?

Thanks! Confused

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