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Reply to "Spin rate"

Stats4Gnats posted:

2017LHPscrewball postedlease clarify and tell me where it was stated that "other metrics" were not ok to use.  As for spin rates, pitches thrown with different spin rates produce different paths to the plate.  As this analysis gets refined, I suspect there will be more clarity as to which spin rates, possibly absent other outstanding metrics such as mph and KO's, are predictors of successful pitchers at the next nevel.

 Please don’t let this turn into something where I get blamed for turning a good thread into a stats thread because that’s not at all my intention! With that understood, I’ll attempt to make a cogent response.

 That was never stated in this thread, nor was it even implied. However, if you haven’t seen any threads or posts where stats are pretty much said to be virtually useless as tools to project players at the HS level, you must not have been looking too closely.

 I understand that different spin rates produce different ball paths. I also understand that we’re in the literal infancy of having this kind of information for analysis, and that it will definitely get better.

 Are you saying mph and KO’s together are accurate predictors of future success, or that they are each accurate predictors of future success? As I’ve said many times, I love this kind of discussion, but in all honesty I don’t see how it pertains to any but the very top level pitchers. This is HSBBW. I want to see things that can be applied to all players within the level, a lot more than how some top player will do at the college or professional level.

 What can I do to help the pitchers on our team get better for the rest of the season and for the rest of the time they spend at the current level? What happens a few years in the future means nothing to me. That’s individual stuff and will be what it will be.

 Every pitcher can be improved, from the latest Cy Young winner down to the kid heading to the mound for the 1st time in his life. If a team coach can help a top level pitcher improve 1% that would be a lot. But using those same resources that same coach can likely help the other pitchers improve from 10% to 50%. But I’m not seeing how spin rate can do that.

Well, speaking as a total novice, my son has an odd spin on his pitches. Not sure if this has anything to do with spin rate, but I think it might.

The odd spin on the ball results in balls being popped up about 200 ft in the infield, a dribbler back to him, or the ball hits the bat and it flips over the catchers head to be foul.  Now occasionally there are some solid hits but they are rare if he's using his pitch that has that odd spin. It's actually fun to watch teams try to bunt because once the ball hits the ground it spins out foul.  So, wouldn't it be cool for all ages to learn how to get the ball to spin while being hit with the bat?