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Reply to "Spring Baseball - 2016 - College"

#1bballmomfan posted:

Its about to get real......1 month from today is sonnyboy's first collegiate game.  Not sure how much playing time he will get if any being a freshman..... but excited none the less.  Can't wait to cheer on the team whether he is on the bench or the field. 

Yup, five weeks for junior.  After a very busy fall, he was glad to come home for some rest and doing a whole lot of nothing over Christmas break.  I think that lasted about three hours...  

He has played football, basketball, several trips to airport to pick up other friends home from school, "friend gatherings" almost every night, helped a few times with my HS squad, daily workout prescribed by school, hit in the cage almost daily, ugly Xmas sweater parties, traveled in several directions to see family for Holidays, selling stuff on ebay to earn money for summer ball and most recently, a bunch of the guys decided to go shoot shotguns (and other assorted firearms).  

I have a family heirloom shotgun that was his great grandfather's.   His name was Carl and he was a machinist so his name was engraved on the shotgun.  I reluctantly let son take it out.  It hadn't seen the light of day for over ten years and that was only briefly to scare away the first boy wanting to date my daughter. By the end of the day, the boys had a favorite gun of choice.  Carl. 

At least he didn't go snowboarding this year.  Yet.  His mother wishes he was a bit more of a bubble wrap kid. 

Best wishes to your son, #1bballmomfan and everyone else looking forward to opening day!

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