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Reply to "Spring Baseball - 2016 - College"

chefmike7777 posted:

Ok gang here is where we are for son and his injury. Saw a Doc yesterday who then ordered an MRI in afternoon yesterday. Thanks to Redfishfool, I called the trainer and asked what kind of MRI and asked if it was a contrast MRI. she said no since it was since a recent injury, and it would be uncomfortable and maybe a bit painful for my son. That they would do it if the "regular" MRI did not show enough. I insisted upon a contrast since it would give a more complete picture. She called Doc and it was changed to contrast. 

Met with Orthopedic surgeon doc today (this is school's preferred Doc). He said it was a slight tear, showed us (son, I and trainer) where it was on MRI and recommended rest for 4 weeks and inflammatory, then he would do a follow up MRI and consult. If all checked out then he could start throwing program. I did ask them to send MRI to Kremchek office as a second opinion and that office  will let me know tomorrow if they see / recommend anything differently (I guess WSU coaching staff and Kremchek have a great relationship).

I talked briefly to pitching coach and he said still not sure what they would do with his season as of moment. If it all went perfectly and he was back in 6-7 weeks, it would still be mid to late April and only 4-6 weeks left in season. Not sure they want to burn up a year of eligibility for 1/3 of season. I concur. My son will want to play .  We will see how it goes from here. Next 4 weeks are basically a lot of athletic training therapy for rest of body, rest for arm, and waiting.

Of course, that all depends on 2nd opinion.

Thanks for all your support and guidance. Love this community!

While some folks make negative comments about our site and members, RFF giving you that advice shows how valuable this site really is.

Sent you a pm.