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Reply to "Spring Baseball - 2016 - College"

mmm1531 posted:

At my sons game on Saturday, son's housemate, a little if any used backup catcher got a chance to pinch hit late in the game.  First pitch, he drives it out over the left center field fence for a two run homer.


It's another of those stories of a great kid, hard worker, who had a great HS career that got stuck behind more talented players. This kid never gripes, shows up every and day does his job.  He will graduate this spring and already has multiple job offers.  He got mobbed on the way to the dugout. It was a great day for him.

i was fortunate to be behind the backstop, got my phone out and got it all on video. His parents weren't coming for the Saturday game, I don't know who I was happier for the kid or the dad. Dad told me he got tears in his eyes watching his boy cross the plate and get all of the high fives and helmet bumps.. 

Afterwards we took my son and the kid out to dinner, I bet he still has a smile on his face.. I still do!



Great story, and evidence of character, patience, work ethic & team by this kid.  

Every employer wanted this kid before, & now he's got a great story to tell.

Good luck to him & your son this season.  Awesome share....