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Student of the Game

I have been fascinated by the thread started by dPeyton on "bad coaching" and hitting. Surely, there is a lot of discussion about hitting, different approaches, right and wrong, don't listen to him, listen to him, he knows but cannot explain and a number of similar comments.
Boy, it can make your head spin.

But, with all that said, we readily recognize those we call a "student of the game."
I see many agree Jeter is one of them.
Many posters have agreed Eckstein is one of them. Joe Torre, Teri Francona, and Jim Leyland surely must be "them."

But, outside of MLB, who are they?
It would seem to me a student of the game would be one to play it well.
A student of the game would also be one who can teach and coach it well.
Am I wrong?

What/who is a student of the game?
How do you know if they can teach it well?
How do you know if they coach it well?
Do you have to be a student of the game to play it well, teach it well, coach it well?
Do some play it well/excel who are not students of the game?
Can you coach/teach it well if you are not a student of the game?

What is a student of the game, who are they and how do you know when you find one, and find one who isn't?

'You don't have to be a great player to play in the major leagues, you've got to be a good one every day.'

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