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Reply to "Taking pitches until a strike is called"

old_school posted:

situations matter, the hitter matters, how he is currently hitting matters, the pitcher matters, who they left to pitch matters...there is no right or wrong. I am not a big take pitch guy.


Very true. Unfortunately not many coaches teach that as a philosophy or approach to hitting.


1,2,7,8,9 batters I am pretty good with taking a strike as a rule, however it isn't the standard. 

3,4,5 and sometimes 6 depending on the lineup are there to swing the bat...not that they wouldn't ever get a take but it would be fairly rare if they are legitimate hitters swinging a solid bat.


Do you ever look at any numbers where the data is arranged by batting position such as the attached? The 3 pages each represent a different team.


in todays game of dead bats and pitchers pounding the zone taking lots of pitches is not a winning solution day in and day out IMO.


When you say “dead bats” are you comparing the BBCOR bats with the BESR bats?


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