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Reply to "The 3 School College Baseball Career"

D1 and D2 rosters are loaded with 4-2-4 guys, so lots of guys have done it. (@CollegebaseballInsights might have some real numbers.) I know of lots of kids locally who have done it. I think the most important thing is being realistic about where you fit talent-wise.

I have to assume that the new one-time transfer waiver is going to change the numbers on 4-2-4 transfers. It will still make sense for some people, but I would think a good percentage will just transfer 4-4 now.

@MidAtlanticDad  future enhancement that might come earlier than expected.   The current challenge is quality of data and linking player movement.

We've started creating the paper trail.

E.g  Arkansas Player Attrition(2021 season), how many players from 2020 roster weren't on 2021 team (with a potential reason).

As you can see a couple of members transferred to a JUCO or a 4 yr school


Here is Walters State Player Attrition (players from 2020 that transferred to 4 yr or 2 yr school)

Although this in not a real example of detail player tracking, we have the transfer from the Juco Perspective,

Walters State CC_2021_player-attrition

We also have the the Transfer in insights


In summary, we are almost at the point to show 4-2-4 transfer process.


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  • Arkansas_2021_player-attrition
  • Walters State CC_2021_player-attrition
  • Arkansas_2021_player-attrition(1)