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Reply to "The Wall of Ground Ball Prevention"

MidAtlanticDad posted:
Steve A. posted:
real green posted:

Is this really a new concept?  Or just new technology that allows data to be collected and analyzed.  I have never had or heard a coach preach ground balls as the goal or heard a coach preach fly balls.  It's always been hard line drives up the mental.  Mishit balls could be hard grounders or with enough power HR's.   

I think it is the former rather than latter. The data has been used to determine that at the Big League Level, Exit Velocity alone (hard line drives), can translate into higher Slugging % if the "Launch Angle" is elevated in a certain range. So instead of missile singles, you have gap extra base hits & added HR which = Increased Runs which = More Wins. 

I'm going to respectfully disagree just a little. First, I think the data holds up regardless of level. If anything, lower levels should show even higher hit probabilities for the same EV and launch angle since the fielders aren't as good. Of course drawing the same conclusions at a lower level, such as teaching HS kids to swing harder and swing with a steeper angle would be a mistake because those kids are never going to hit a ball 110 mph in high school. Second, I think the new thing here is the significant impact of EV on hit probability. I'm sure there are some wise old timers who figured that out years ago, but I think the analysis of this data has motivated hitters to get stronger and swing harder.

12-13 degrees seems to be the sweet spot based on this graph.  I would assume the pinch at the 90mph is the average exit velocity of MLB  which is how the defense is set up to defend. 

HS you might see that pinch at 75 or 80mph exit.   


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