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Reply to "Time To End Grieving. Reset."

Can you share some data supporting this statement?:

"There are so many non-athletes being denied acceptance because colleges are overcrowded with athletes sticking around."

I am highly skeptical of this claim, in fact a quick Google search found:

From the article linked below dated 10/1-

"Most recent data from the National Student Clearing House, which analyzes data from 3.6 million students from 629 colleges, indicates that undergraduate college enrollment is down 2.5%."

Update on their webpage home screen:

Fall 2020 Enrollment (As of Oct 22)

With 76 percent of colleges reporting data, undergraduate enrollment has been revised downward. Roughly two months into the fall term, undergraduate enrollment is running 4.4 percent below last year’s level and for-profit four-year colleges are now showing slight drops. Graduate enrollment is up 2.9 percent and overall postsecondary enrollment is down 3.3 percent compared to the same time last year.

The decline in freshman enrollment has been revised upward from last month’s reporting of a 16.1 percent drop, to a still substantial decline of 13.0 percent. Community colleges are showing the steepest decline (-18.9%), almost 19 times the pre-pandemic loss rate, followed by public four-year colleges (-10.5%) and private nonprofit four-year institutions (-8.5%).

So if enrollment is down for all students combined, how are athletes sticking around for an extra year displacing non-athlete incoming students?

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