Tommy John Surgery

Hello All, 

I've been a long time reader on these forums before joining. I joined the forum really due to an unfortunate circumstance, that I am hoping I can turn into a learning experience. I recently was diagnosed with a torn ucl, and will soon be undergoing tommy john surgery. I wanted to start a thread to keep a blog of sorts as I go through the surgery and rehab. To try and help other posters and readers who may suffer an arm injury or their parents and want to get a better understanding of the rehab, and try to answer any questions I can. I am more than open to any questions you all may have about my workload and training leading up to the surgery. 
The one thing I will do is try to remain my anonymity. If anyone has any specific questions feel free to message me privately.
Just some details to give you guys more of a sense of who I am and what type of pitcher I am: 
I just completed my third year of college ball, as my name might tell you, I am a left handed pitcher. 
This season I topped out at 90 mph, and sat rather consistently in the 86-88 range.  
I am also a division 3 pitcher, as I was what many would call a late bloomer.
If anyone has any questions to get it started about training regimens or anything like that feel free to ask. 
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