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TrackMan at PG events

It's amazing what's possible today. The announcement that PG and TrackMan have entered a partnership could turn out to be pretty significant over time.


Here's a summary of Trackman, for those who, like me, hadn't heard of it (even though 17 MLB organizations are apparently already using it):


- Military-grade 3-D Doppler radar measurement system

- Sample rate of 48,000 measurements per second

- Precisely measures the location, spin, angles, velocity and trajectory of a ball in flight

- Radar sits high behind home plate

- Operator used computer attached or networked to radar to tag game results


To think that technology developed to track missiles is now being used to measure the spin of a curve ball, the speed and trajectory of a ball off the bat, and 25 other things ... again, to me anyway, is just mind boggling. I'm betting it'll spawn a whole slew of new data that Moneyball advocates in particular will lock onto.


They had Trackman set up on five fields in Jupiter, and also had a cage set up where players hit in the Prime 9 Challenge. JP thought it was really cool (He actually finished in top 3 in wood bat, and won a Louisville Slugger MLB Prime birch bat!)


Here's Baseball America's article on the partnership:


And here's their article on the top in-game numbers over the course of the tournament:





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