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Reply to "TrackMan at PG events"

That is really cool stuff.


I had a conversation with someone yesterday about a similar topic….


Many academies & showcase companies are now doing lots of measurements of lots of different things.  Obviously velo, foot speed,  bat speed are all important.  Not sure how throwing a med ball or long jumping translates though, for example.


The beautiful thing about baseball is that a slow bad body guy can square up a baseball or prevent hitters from doing so.  While that physical specimen with chiseled abs might throw like a girl (no offense to any girls).


Remember about 6 years ago when Nike Sparq was THE thing?  I don't know any coaches that recruited a kid based off their Sparq test scores.


Measuring athleticism and spin rates and exit speeds is really cool.  But I don't think you can measure baseball players like that.  Will some top players measure high?  Absolutely. Will some bad players measure high?  I bet they will.  


But I bet parents can't wait to see where their kid will land on the ranking list!