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Reply to "Travel Ball - Good and Bad......."

The fundamentals you learn by playing at a more competitive level will allow the players with innate ability and adequate strength to be more prepared for the HS teams when they get there.

Arm strength for throwing is a part of the innate ability.

In the US kids graduate to the full sized diamond a year before HS tryouts. I ask again what skills cannot picked up in that time?

Skills can be learned on the small diamond but proficiency will be limited by innate ability.

A well coached team will allow the player to only learn the nuances of the game as it is played on the small diamond.

All the time I hear coaches spew the line that they are getting the kids ready for HS or the next level. Then you learn they are playing a gazillion games and hardly ever practice. And practice is where the kids learn. Whatever level they compete in it is important to have the fundamentals in place. Now in that regard we are talking about the quality of the coaches whatever the level of ball.

People seem to be confused about what I am saying. Let me simplify. If a player has the innate ability and the other essential personal attributes necessary for success it matters not where he plays while on the small diamond, so long as he does play.

The HS coach doesn't care what level you played at on the small diamond. He doesn't want to see your stash of plastic trophies. He only cares about what you are bringing to the table for him.

Every year it comes to pass that kids from travel teams are cut and the parents cannot figure out how their all star son was missed. He was the starting F4 for all stars and on his travel team and played against very good teams 100 games per season. The coach must be blind. Not really. The coach is able to judge the size of this fish in a bigger pond. He doesn't measure up.
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