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...  For the camp price, it's worth the experience in my opinion, I'd just like to temper the boy's expectations prior to arriving. ...

Recruiting for schools of this stature are pretty much done for 2019's.  Your son will need to start taking that into consideration as he formulates his recruiting plan.


Why is this such a common statement on hsbaseballweb? Is it possible that some schools are done...maybe...but many are not. UNC is a great example. 

I have no experience on when various levels of schools finish with a class, but I agree with coachld that I often see people on this site talking about 2018s are done, 2019s are close to done, etc. I think cabbagedad's comment is a little more on target just because he confines it to "schools of this stature."

My assumption is that out of the 300 or so D1 programs in the country there are still several still seeking players for the 2018 class or the 2019 class. They just are schools of a lower stature, looking for players of that same stature.

So now there are two kinds of camps. The ones that are serious recruiting opportunities for your son, and the ones that leave him (and you) going — wow. That was cool.

Maybe for 2018 but not for 2019.

Just a representative sample of 2019 commits listed on PG:

  • UNC: 8
  • UCLA: 6
  • Stanford: 6
  • UC Santa Barbara: 5
  • Arizona State: 4
  • Baylor: 4
  • Iowa: 4
  • Dallas Baptist: 3
  • Houston: 3
  • Fullerton: 2
  • Long Beach State: 3
  • Santa Clara: 1
  • Navy: 1
  • Yale: 0

Etc., etc. Some of these might be schools of lower stature but some most assuredly are not. If we consider the average recruiting class as "done" at 10 or more players, then fewer than 10% of D1 schools are done with their 2019 class. OTOH, major caveat: they are talking with many more than those who have committed, so if there is no conversation, that is different.

Edited to add: echoing Cabbage's point about lengthy courtships.