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@fenwaysouth UC is test optional too. My grades are good, but I do have a few B+s. Is test optional really test optional? What other things would they look at and could it possibly help athletes?

Test optional is if you don't play baseball. Maybe someone else can correct me, but I believe you need to take the ACT/SAT if you plan to play D1  baseball.

UC is test optional. There are a few D1s that are also test optional. 

I recall my son had to report his SAT score when he applied for the NCAA clearinghouse for D1 athletic eligibility.  I recall this was not an optional box.  Am I mistaken about this?

I just looked and it does seem to be some kind of eligibility factor for the clearinghouse.  This is not my area of expertise in the least so I look forward to the answer.   The school's admissions though wouldn't use these scores, I mean how could they if test-optional but NYCDad may be right that you have to take the test.   The OP  has likely already met the min standard for the clearinghouse with a 27 ACT.  Again though not my area of expertise.