Reply to "Valentine's Day Approaching...."

Wait,...wait beeep beeep beep beep,....

Whats happened to my Walmart radar insticts? Shortstopmom missing the cute baseball themed goodies in the Valentines section??? Nooooo way!!!
I must be loosing my touch! Say it isnt so.

Thank goodness for my gals,..comin to my rescue!

I haven't been to Walmart since New Years,...
( perhaps I was a bit burnt out after the holi-daze ) but now,..come to think of it,...I do need to pick up a few things.
Its straight to the Valentine tacky tuna isle I will go, God love it!!!
Gonna look for the electrolyte gummie bears too,..what the heck, kids will love them.

Forgot that this year I am now having to ship stuff out to my Air Force son, I better get my rear in gear and get a movin' and a bakin' and a shoppin'!!!

Hi-ho-hi-ho,..its off to Walmart I go. You gals are tooo great!!!!!