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Reply to "Velocity"

2017LHPscrewball posted:
CaCO3Girl posted:
Goosegg posted:

Put another way, no college coach cares, no scout cares, about what a 15 year old throws. This is a marathon and all too many treat it as a sprint - and have their kid sprinting a marathon is a recipe for disaster.

The amount of 2020/2019 commitments to colleges would indicate you are wrong.

Not too many 2020's just yet and then 2020's that are showing committed are phenoms.  PG is showing a grand total of 303 commitments for 2019 and I would assume fewer than 50 are listed for 2020.  It seems like way too many "facts" are getting based on committing as a rising sophomore to a top 25 team (not even counting the Power 5 cellar dwellers).  Even if you construct your facts around the 50th percentile of D1 pitchers, Goosegg's comment has a lot of merit (even more if you substitute 14 yo).  The couple of 2019 pitcher commits were basically all 16 yo and up with one kid already 17 1/2.

My son is a 2020, I know just locally more than 20 kids that have offers, and I don't know that many people.  It would appear to me that MANY offers are going out based on projection and people are being smart and saying "No, we aren't ready yet." 

If anyone wants to give the advice to take things slow, let the body progress naturally, don't base projections of what you think your kid will be doing in 12thgrade off of what he is doing in 9th grade... I am 100% good with that.  However, the idea that NO college coach cares what a 15 year old is throwing is false.  They have to care, it's their job to care.