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2019Dad posted:
2020.2023dad posted:

Tom House wrote about this once but anyone ever experience a difference with a bite guard in?  Our team did a throwing program (long toss and exercises) in the fall.  My son had picked up a little velocity (not much) but on the last, based on something I had read here I think, I  had him do one of this last throws with an under armour bite guard in and he threw  4-5 mph faster then repeated it 4 times in a rose.  Not sure if it was real or placebo but the coaches thought it was interesting. 

For 4-5 mph I think my son would be willing to wear a full football helmet on the mound!

Did anyone else on the team try it?

One kid showed up with his football mouth guard for the next practice, but all they did was hitting..LOL.  We have been indoors not using radar guns since that was the last practice.  I will say that my kid probably was finally feeling healthy on that day after a very long season where he pitched and caught  a ton.   Can't wait to try it again in the spring.  

Also note this is 2023 going from mid sixties to just under 70.  Not a HS age kid going from 86 to 90.  

We were using this..