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Reply to "Velocity"

PGStaff posted:


I understand and I wasn't referring to your boys.  I even know that some kids are guaranteed a roster spot by some college coaches.  For those coaches that has worked out well for... Fine.  

I get it... The kid knows he is getting a chance.  I could guarantee that every kid will get a chance.  Not sure why anyone needs to guarantee more than that, though I know some do.

I stand by what I mentioned earlier regarding guaranteed roster spots. Maybe not in every case, but I know there are some college coaches that have to reach a quota.  Enrollment is the thing, baseball brings them students.  I couldn't coach at one of those type colleges, but I don't really see anything wrong with it either.

Truth is, there is nothing wrong with roster spots being guaranteed. At DI I can't imagine it happening, but guess it could.  Anyway, if it happens and it works out well, good enough.  But what exactly does a guaranteed roster spot really mean?  Is it spelled out in writing?

I have to admit, I know very little about guaranteed roster spots.  I have no experience with that.  I only know it happens, but there are players with baseball scholarships that sometimes don't make the roster.  Anyway, if it sounds like I'm arguing, I'm not.  I'm sure you know much more than I do about guaranteed roster spots.  All I have is an opinion on the subject.

PG is definitely correct in stating that there are quotas that have to be met.  When your son shows up and there are a lot morewalk on  recruits than expected, now you know why. 

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