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2020dad posted:
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Dominik85 posted:
A super lanky 6“4 guy who thows 85 might still get interest

PLENTY of bigger, lower velo guys get attention, sign Power 5 D1 and/or get drafted. Even RHPs. You've heard it here, pro ball can develop players and college usually prefers to have kids who can contribute sooner. Plenty of D1s have pitchers who may touch 90 but live below it and there are plenty from either side that are 85-88 and throw 4 pitches for strikes. 

We need to separate college from MLB.  This is 100% true.  There are a bunch of guys even D1 who aren't even capable of hitting 90.  I have said a million times on here it is a complete and total myth that everyone in D1 throws 90.  And 85 or 86 is that number I have said many times can get you there.  Not gonna pitch on sunday for a power 5 probably but some mid to low D1 will pick you up for sure if you are 85 and great pitchability.  

My son pitches at a mid level D1.... they have three consistently over 90.. BUT if they keep throwing 90-92 all game they will get hit.  Most of the upper class guys sit are 87-90.... with better breaking balls and experience.   Some of the underclass guys show potential..... but freshman rarely pitch.  They are just not mentally and proficient enough to get through 5-7 innings.   

In high school everyone wants velo.... it wins.... but in college, while velo is great, it loses a little of the importance.  If you are throwing in D1 you need "controlled" velo....command of the velo.... change the speed of the fast ball, placement, you need a faster sharper breaking ball than in HS and you need to be able to move it around.  You also need to learn the art of getting in pitchers counts, and getting the batter to swing at your pitch to be able to turn DP's  , youhave to size up a batters swing tendencies quickly... where he is at in the box, remember your scouting report. 

In HS you can throw 90 and win a lot of games and listen to the uninformed about how the kid is a at rounder..... its like that stud quarterback that goes to big U and never learns how to read defenses.... ends up a where are they now. 

There is no comparison to high school baseball and D1 ball  throwing 90 + is great in HS..... won't get many out in D1 ball.  I have seen many D1 pitchers throwing 86-87..... mid relievers with crazy curve and sliders and lefties too....  not too many starters though