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Reply to "Velocity, God given? Or can it be drastically improved?"

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Not bothered in the slightest PGSTAFF. I think your posts and comments are a huge boon to HSBW.

I 'm just being pragmatic/realistic about my son. I agree with 2forU (but we know each other outside of HSBW and since our kids were in LL), velocity is mostly genetics. Or at least the upper limit and how close a player can "access it easily". The rest is work, or very hard work to be precise.

Positionally my son might, in theory, be able to attain close to 80 but he'd have to be working hard and diligently to make those hard-fought gains, and if he's not playing college baseball in the first place...he won't. We'll see. In short, his plus attributes to play college baseball are receiving, hitting, and speed, plus-plus blocking and picking, but pops and positional velocity (the king), is average at D2-D3 level, and below average D1. The latter plus size = take D1 off the table. Embraced that 6 months ago. The key is finding a good academic, financial, baseball, geographic, and social fit. Pretty much in that order. Might not fall into place.

What would be the normal size of a D1 catcher? I am 6 ft and 190 pounds. Good luck to your son in the future as I am going through the recruiting process right now.

I looked at Top 25 rosters about a year ago and the average was 6" 1" and 205, if I remember correctly.  Keep working to add strength to that frame and you'll be just fine.   

Thank you! I will, I am now lifting 3 days a week for the next 6 months and I will be starting personal training sometime soon. I weighed 200 and then I stared to lift and I did a lot of cardio in a week (10 to 20 minutes every day) and I lost 10 pounds. Now I weigh around 191.