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Reply to "What's the benefits/risks with keeping a player back a school year?"

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My son and i sometimes discuss the "what if" he was held back (2018 that will be 17 when he graduates)...he committed to a regional dominate D3  --he's also gained 20 pounds of muscle the past few months (6'1/180).  He was excepted into a doctorates program and has a substantial merit amount...

then i say, "oh wasn't meant to be" and we start talking about how great it is to achieve what he has achieved and we forget about what could have been.

This is the best attitude!  My daughter is very young for her "grade".  She is playing DI volleyball at a smaller Northeast school and is in her Soph. year.  We now realize that, if she were in the grade behind, she would have received much more recruting attention and offers (not B10 or anything, but bigger more well-funded programs).  She loves it where she'a at though and we are very fortunate for the opportunity so we just focus on that and forget about the what ifs.

A girl being young for her grade isn’t that relevant. Girls emotionally and physically mature much sooner than boys. They start drawing attention from 14-16 years old. My daughter was seventeen when she graduated. She got her first offer the summer after freshman year. She committed the next spring before summer travel started.

It was in our daughter's instance, especially as her recruiting class was stacked at her position compared with the following year.  We were specifically told that by club coaches and college coaches that wished she were a grade younger.  Sorry for the sidetrack from the OP which is of course is about 8th grade young men and baseball.