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Reply to "What velocity is necessary to get onto a college roster at certain schools?"

Goosegg posted:

Nice compilation.

I'd say any pitcher touching 88 with an ACT of 30 should call an Ivy coach.

Eh, not so much anymore in our experience.

While most of the Ivy commitments this year can be seen on PG site (and there are some low SAT and ACT scores as low as 26), most scores much higher, and that's almost the low point of velocity now too.

Just been through the whole process and seen the Ivy coaches drool over RHP guys over 90, and ignore guys at 85-88.  We've seen effective guys who know how to pitch and sit high 80's passed over for guys who can't throw well, but throw a lot faster.  Having said that, Penn has 4 guys committed (they have way more than 4 commits this year) who are on PG as 88, but one is actually over 90 and has been for some time.  

Yale RC has said average ACT is 31.  So there are guys lower than that, but you'd have to be much much more of a stud then.

Just sayin'