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Reply to "What's the average income for a minor leaguer?"

Originally posted by StarDad:
Tiger paw Mom:

"I am curious as to why you think that your son might be drafted after HS?"

It's just my way of doing things, set a very high goal, and work hard to reach it. This kid has amazing ability. No matter what you teach him, he will do it perfectly well. I am not a baseball palyer. I learned baseball by reading books and watch MLB games. So I want my son bat like A-Rod, he did it. He is in a traveling AAA team since 10. He hit over 20 Triples when he is 12 with a 5'2'' 105 lb body. He got over .500 batting average when he is 14. In the pitching part, I want him pitch like Rager Clemens. He did exactly like him, a couple of 7 Inn shot out game pitched against some USSSA Major team with a 5'10'' 155 lb body when he is about 14 and half. That's why coaches around our league said he is the best hitter and best pitcher in our team, a "big timer" in the future. Because I am a outsider of baseball, I just don't know if they are really mean it or he is a super talent. So whatever they say I just believe it. That's why the expexctation went way high for my son, I really can't wait to see him play next spring HS ball.

Well StarDad, if you are thinking that your son is going to be drafted in the top rounds out of high school just because he has tracked well as a 12 year old through 14 year old playing USSSA, and you do not want him to go into the Minors only getting $1,100/month on the months he is playing because it is not a good return on your investment, you should have your son put his glove away right now and walk away!

My son at 12 hit over 30 homeruns when he was 12 years old little leaguer, he has played with and against 15 year old pitchers that are throwing over 90 mph. Played, and was one of the "stars", for one of the top high school teams in Calif and was on one of the top travel teams in the country winning many national tournaments and was highly ranked by several publications, he was not drafted and is fight for a position on his college team to make the 35 man roster who is restricted to only give 11.7 baseball scholarships!

Baseball is not a good return on your investment; if that is the only way you are looking at it.

High expectations are great, but the pressure you may be putting on your son will most likely cause him to loose the love for the game, especially from someone who is playing and experiencing the game through your son and a book!