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Reply to "What's the average income for a minor leaguer?"

Originally posted by TRhit:
assuming you are for real and not a troll let me say this
You need to get real grip on life and very quickly before you destroy your son and you go into therapy

You want a baseball star--you are in such deep believe-- "it's even deeper than believing in God"

Excuse me sir---you need HELP !!!!

Well, I've been helped, you are late for the party.
I am that kind of a guy. I grew up this way all the way till 40s now. Set a high but reachable goal and work on it. Do you watch the world series of Poker?
if 9 people out of 8000 people can get to the final table , why can't I? Assume I have the Brain and talent. I am a gambler of life. I believe life time success is there for everyone, just matter of what do you want and how bad do you want it?
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