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Reply to "When a player's age does not match the average for their grad year"

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To OP's original question though, do recruiters take the possibility that the kid is not physically as mature as other kids in his grade into consideration?  For example, in looking at PG grades, they compare your metrics with other people in your grade, some of which could be 2 years older.

It's individual to the recruiter/prospect.

Here's another answer.

Scout "Son, how tall are you?"

Player "5'11"

Scout "Nobody is 5'11".  If I like you, you are 6'0".  If I don't like you, you are 5'10"."

Bingo, exactly!  It's all in the eye of the beholder.  If you are skinny, and the RC doesn't like you, then you are deemed "undersized".  If you are skinny and the RC takes a shine to you, then you are "projectable, with plenty of room to fill out". 

Thanks!  That's exactly the insight I'm looking for.  And yes, my son is not only studying up a grade, but he is undersized even compared to people his age.