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Reply to "When was/is it important to be on a high level team?"

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Can someone help a newb out, what defines a top 9-13U team, do they travel the country and play certain tournaments where they get ranked?

Our friends at perfect game do that.  It's clearly fragmented, as it is only perfect game events.  California and west coast are very underrepresented.  Georgia/Florida/SE overrepresented.  But teams on the ranking are definitely "high ranking".

I'm sure there are other rankings out there.

Usssa has rankings but they are not very reliable.  However if you look at it in clumps page 1 is going to be better than those on the bottom half of page 2 and beyond.  The very top ranked teams - by power ranking not points - are sure to be pretty good.

Correct. And I think these guys do a pretty good job with 12U and 13U rankings: (these ones are from last May)