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Reply to "When was your position player offered by any top academic? Any top academic offers to position players while they were Juniors?"

smokeminside posted:

Gov, you know my 2017 son's story; it closely parallels 2boydads, including SAT scores, size, and speed and what we heard from Ivy coaches, in particular, about what they want from their outfielders. Every high academic coach son dealt with (all private schools) became more interested after they heard his mid Junior year GPA and SAT scores.  At that point we knew it was going to be about the baseball: if he was a good enough player, and they needed someone in his position, his academics were where they needed to be. I would clarify that there were two offers AT the camps (Stanford, but coaches also saw him at Headfirst) and several more in the week or two after (mid July) via phone calls.  The offers were reiterated at on campus visits in September at four schools. The visits made things clear to my son, and he sealed the deal after he got definitive "no's" from his Ivy interests.

Would strongly  support 2boydad's thought about NOT doing Headfirst/Stanford back to back.  These events are stressful in all sorts of ways, physical and otherwise.

Not meaning to highjack the thread but here's a related question I need to resolve for my 2019: Headfirst Sacramento in summer before Jr. year, or Headfirst Jupiter in fall of Jr. year.  2017 went to Jupiter jr. year, and I thought almost all attention was being paid to seniors.  I would like to just focus on Headfirst between jr. and sr. year but I worry that one HF will not be enough.

Smoke, having done the HF Jupiter during junior year, as you did with your older one, my sense was if you had a big 88-90 arm as a junior you got some real attention. Vandy, Duke, William & Mary, Texas, and HPY were on the hunt to acquire top 2018 pitchers.     

I thought the combination of AZ Fall Junior Classic, then 3 weeks later to be at HF Jupiter would be a chance for my 2018 to be seen twice in front of the same group of coaches on his list.  Son's tool is his glove with a line drive bat, he had a decent ACT  first time around to share, but he didn't have speed below 6.8 in the 60, nor did he hit a few out of the park.

He was able to meet coaches, confirm he's on their lists, and he rec'd nice complements on his play, along with a few personal "invites to camps so my other coaches can see you" conversations.

Huge arm, or huge bat with good glove, or top glove with top speed will get noticed.  If either of those has a solid ACT it puts the coach in a strong position to build a class of 2018 recruits.






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