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Reply to "When was your position player offered by any top academic? Any top academic offers to position players while they were Juniors?"

Gov posted:

I'm curious when, and at what events your position players were offered by top academic D1's or D3's? Was it after a Nov junior year HF or Showball event, or at an Ivy, D3, Patriot league camp in Feb junior year, or after Sacramento HF event?  

(Noticing a few early pitcher commits to Harvard and Yale on PG)

If your position player was offered during junior year, can tell us when and at what type of an event your son was noticed? What was the tool motivating the coach to offer?

Seems like there are a majority of pitching parents on the site, just curious of the position player timeline with top academics schools.  I'm aware of the late recruiting cycle that is the norm.





Gov:  Son recruited as MI/CF. Plays MI in college

Offersne High Academic D3 just prior to Junior year. One D1 (lower down on "Bogey's list") around start of HS season spring Jr year, 1 Middle of "Bogey's list" academic  and one high Academic D1 (Ivy) mid summer prior to Senior Year. Another High Academic D3 offer came on Aug 1 before sr year, after son committed.

Offers came after numerous sightings at Showcases (such as Top 96/Showball/HF). Start of junior year, list narrowed and he attended events where most from "his list" attended.  Attendance at position specific camp at school he committed moved him "up their board."

Tools that drew most interest: Speed (grade 80) and academic record

Feel free to PM.  Good luck!