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Reply to "When You Excel at D2 Offensively"

@Consultant posted:

When a MLB team rejects the "launch angle" policy you will notice

1. hire new hitting instructors and new policy to the Minor League Managers.

2. the elimination of thin handle bats by the Club House Manager

3. Create a new strategy to beat the shift. "hit the ball where they are not!

4. Provide bonus for a high Batting Average and RBI's.

5. Scout hitters who can focus on the "seams"

6. Time prospects 1st to 3rd.

There are 4 teams that may adopt this formula.


Speaking of launch angle there is thought changing Benintendi’s launch angle and telling him to swing harder is what ruined him. Until the change he was on the verge of becoming a .300 BA, 20 HR guy with good foot speed.

He went from striking out 1 in 5+ at bats to 1 in 4 with less power. Then last year was a disaster until he got injured.