Reply to "Who are some of the best college catching coaches?"

Originally posted by NP13:
My son is a freshman, he doesn't know anything yet, for that matter, neither do I.

He attended a CCU camp this past summer and love it and Kevin Schnall. They are like his first girlfrield. After finding out more about the quality of CCU baseball, I don't want to kill his dream at 14 years old, he may want to have some other options down the road.

College Pitching / Cathching camps with quality catching instructors is what he is looking for.


NP13- BBDAD23 is exactly right about Schnall. As for your sons experience with him, thats the norm for Kevin's camps. The kids always love him! Kevin is a great guy and great teacher. The experience he had with him will be tough to beat as I know first hand since Kevin and I have done some camps together in the past.

Good Luck!
Coach Fletcher