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Reply to "Worst Balk Calls"

As you noted #1 is a balk........regardless of intent....kind of like dropping the ball, might be a reaction or unintentional, but still a balk.

#2....well that is one of those I would have to see, just not enough info in a post to see what happened ....but just because high school umpires have not called it, does not mean it wasnt a balk....

Many times HS associations routinely ignore only the most brutal of balk offenses....The main one you see let go is the stop in the set position....Pitchers blow through the set and it is never called...

What can I there is so much wrong with that scenario...If it was a live ball, the call should have been a balk...(pitcher on the mound without the ball). If time was in and pointing at the pitcher is the sign, then the pitcher must have the ball for time to be in.....

Same thing for you........bad call....actually sounds like a game I did this past summer....PONY WORLD SERIES regional playoff...
Umpires get themselves in these jams by not knowing the rules. Unfortunatly that also causes the teams to be harmed.
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