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Reply to "Youtube - Brian Walker"

Originally posted by dave0mary:
you are seeing the color that is reflected back to you because the object, or sky, is all other colors but the color you see.

I certainly hope you are not a physics teacher. If only it were this simple. Sometimes it is the reflection of wavelenghts (not colors) and sometimes it is the absorption of wavelenghts anb sometimes it's....well you get the picture, hopefully.

However, I was not writing a paper on the physics of light and color, I was speaking as it is commonly perceived. In my world, the sky is blue, on most days. It could be polka-dot for all I know in your world.

Also, in case you were being a bit on the turdy side, I did say "if you're new at umpiring". Alot of guys starting out have a rough few years because they don't have an idea what to accept/not accept.

If there is anyone, umpire or not, who wouldn't understand that Walker's behavior was unacceptable, I'd like to meet him. Then again, maybe I wouldn't.

I'm willing to bet that someone with no experience whatsoever in umpiring would have read your comments as having come from a "Captain Obvious."

Wait a minute...I'll conduct an experiment right now. My wife has company over. A nice neighbor who has never umpired. I'll play the video for her.

Be right back.

Okay, done. I played the video with the sound off and stopped it after Walker jabbed his bat at the umpire. At that point, Anne (my wife's friend) said, "Wow, shouldn't he be punished for that? Would they let him play the game after he does something like that?"

I think, at best, you have very low expectations of others' abilities to understand behaviour and consequences.

Or, you just have a knack for pointing out the obvious.
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