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Under Armour Vs. All-Star

cd21 ·
Does anyone have any experience with the UA gear? I've used the system-7 stuff the last few years and although I know that The UA gear is made by All-Star, the chest protector looks a lot thinner which I like. Is this my imagination? I know both the...

Re: Under Armour Vs. All-Star

Coach_Sampson ·
I will start off by saying I have no experience with either set. But here's what my advice is. If you have a local store that sells both go there and try them on. If not go to each manufacturers website and look at the specs and you might be able to determine that way. Are you just looking for something different or are you not happy with the System 7 gear? Might also want to look at the Wilson ProMotion gear. It is on sale right now on I just picked up a set of the leg...