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Diligence pays off

Fresh125 ·
To make a very long story short, my son had to transfer to another school (and move to another city) in the middle of his senior year in order to continue to play - he missed baseball (except for continuing to work out) all of his junior year, even...

2013 timing

bbfl ·
2013 LHP (mid 80s), top academics, is pitching well and getting some interest but no D1 offers. Scouts have told him he can play D1. Some D3s want him but he is hoping for D1. At this point, are most D1s (including Ivies) already full with their...

How fasT?

Southpaw9 ·
Im a freshman pitcher from Nevada and i am left handed and 6'1 180 and have hit 85mph. How fast will i have to be throwing by the time im a senior to go in the 1st-5th rounds?


McKinney Marshals ·
The McKinney Marshals will hold open tryouts for ages 15U, 16U, 17U & 18U the next two Saturdays, August 18th & 25th from 10:00-1:00 at Plano East Senior High School in Plano. WHAT: McKinney Marshals Open Tryouts AGES: 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U DATES: Saturday, August 18 & Saturday, August 25 TIMES: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm WHERE: Plano East Senior High School FOR: 2012/2013 Players should wear appropriate baseball attire and bring their own water. There is never a charge for a tryout with the Marshals.

What happened in Key West?

bbrulz ·
Grandview cuts Conchs' season shortBY PAUL DEHNER JR. Citizen Staff KEY WEST — The food was cooking, the teams were in the dugouts and the fans were rolling into Rex Weech Field Saturday night, but the Key West High School baseball team's...

Fall Legion worth it?

pitcher01 ·
Just wondering from anyone with experience if it is worth playing on a fall legion team during a tough senior year playing only against local community college teams versus not playing but going to college prospect camps and such and prepping for the...

Another Son playing college baseball

baseballmom4evr ·
My youngest son Corbin Ariail, Spring Valley High School, Columbia, South Carolina has committed this past weekend w/ Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, Tennessee as RHP. He has an older brother (will be a senior next year - LHP) that is in the...

Good Article

catcher09 ·
Fragile arms spark fierce debateBy CRAIG CUSTANCEThe Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 05/02/05 It's a sensitive subject, for sure. One Major League Baseball scout politely declined to discuss it for fear he might alienate his high school...

Absolutely Stuck.... ·
im a 2012 graduate and i have picked out some schoolos to apply for early decision. i have a ncsa account and it looks like that was a waste of about a thousand dollars. Only about 5 coaches looked at my profile. Ive made another recruiting video,...

Video memories

Diva ·
We are puttting together a video tape for our senior boys that will include baseball footage from their high school years as well as some footage from the little league days. I'm trying to come up with some great music to add to the video. It doesn't...

Senior Night

Coach May ·
Tuesday night I will say goodbye to 9 seniors. We are currently 18-3 11-0 in conference and ranked #4 in the State. So we will be going to the state playoffs. But every year I dread this night. Out of the 9 seniors we have this year 7 are four year...

Recording TV News Reports-Team Videos

oldbat-never ·
If you collect info. on your team/player and like to store it on DVD or if you make a team, end of the season/or senior video you can now record TV programs and Newsreports from your TV to your computer then burn it to a DVD through TIVO.... It is...

Legion Age Limit???

Trevor ·
Hi everyone,I share this account with my brother's family and then my family as well. So some of the posts may vary in age and question topic.Any way, My son is going into the 8th grade in Sept, plays on a top travel team in MA, and plays for his...


RHP05Parent ·
Just another reminder to our younger players and parents. Good grades in high school are so important these days to a baseball recruit! I keep running across guys this season that would make great college players but are not getting the recruiting...

5 months post labrum surgery

KBinOK ·
My senior son had right labrum surgery 5/24/12. He had two tears. Three anchors were installed.This Wednesday he is being released to toss the ball lightly overhanded. In one more month, he will be released to start a program to try to get back to...

Legion Ball Age Limits

Trevor ·
Hi everyone,I share this account with my brother's family and then my family as well. So some of the posts may vary in age and question topic.Any way, My son is going into the 8th grade in Sept, plays on a top travel team in MA, and plays for his...

They all throw 90+

MN-Mom ·
My son's D3 team played a non-conference game this week against a strong D2 team that has 5 pitchers who throw in the 90s. We saw 3 of those 5 pitch in this game (I think they were using it as a warmup...

MTSU gets by Vandy and the Recruitinator

Tenndad ·
Marcus Taylor doubled, homered, had three RBIs and scored three times, and Jeff Kasser worked a season-long 5.2 innings to get the victory in a 6-4 Middle Tennessee win over Vanderbilt Wednesday night at Hawkins Field. Taylor scored in the third,...

Johann Knee signs with PSAC leader DIV II Kutztown

CapitalBaseball ·
I just want to give a fatherly congratulations to my son Johann Knee of Montgomery Village, MD for his signing with the DII Kutztown Bears, of Kutztown University. Although he had offers from DI schools such as Ohio, University of Miami (OH),...

Waste Of Money

reggie-3-77 ·
UIL: 2 tested positive for steroids Two of 10,117 Texas high school athletes tested positive for steroids during the first wave of tests between February and June, the University Interscholatic League said Tuesday.UIL spokeswoman Kim Rogers said that...

Rx for college

LadyNmom ·
Just wanted to post about a vaccine available for bacterial meningitis. We lost a senior this year to the disease. The quickness of it was frightening. We were told that the UofA and ASU require all incoming freshmen to have the...

Many Thoughts

hsbbweb ·
Warning .... This Is Very Long!Okay guys and gals .... I promised a bit more and here it is. It has always seemed that in the past when I have tried to thank you folks for all that you have done and for what the site has become it gets all turned...

Holding the bat, with hands apart?

nymets06jvil51 ·
hi all, fairly new to the boards. my son was a graduating senior this past year and is a left handed first baseman. He has a very unusual batting quark that has me puzzled. He holds his hands with a space between them on the bat. He says that this...

Another Recruiting Question

baseballdawg ·
Do most D1 coaches fill their roster during the early signing period or do they wait and see how the player will play during their senior season. I guess I'm just worried that I will not sign early, and if I don't, then D1 rosters will be filled by...

significant senior season

AParent ·
This is totally curiosity only - but since I have often wondered about it and never figured it out I figure I may as well ask the question.Quite often I read about a player that did not sign in the early signing period. They usually include a bit...

Games or Open Tryouts??

Kungaloosh ·
My 04 son is playing ball for a local team this summer that has a relatively short season (14 games, mostly doubleheaders)Due to a family graduation trip and the PG Unsigned Senior Showcase, he is already missing 4 of those games.I just found some...

Scout ball - is it worth the time commitment?

caldave ·
I have a son who is a senior this year in high school in Southern California. He is playing on one of the scout ball team, and this is his 3rd year. As you know, playing in scout ball is a big time commitment. Typically, we drive up one to two hours...

Help , suggestions ,or bust

surfdog ·
Baseball web For the last two years my son has played the recruiting game in Ca,He has a 3.5 g.p.a and a act score of 21. He,s an upcoming Senior with better then average pitching skills (87 mph 6 ft tall) plays any other position good and has hit a...

Winter Velocity

bsaeball21 ·
I have been throwing about twice a week for about the last 6 or 7 weeks indoors.. Havn't been able to throw outside yet or any long toss this year. Been doing some lite bullpens twice a week for about the last 3 weeks.. I was just wondering what would...

Coaches, players and parents

She realized he probably wouldn’t be able to hear her.Still, as Tywanna Patterson watched her son, Patrick, get lambasted by former Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie during a game at Rupp Arena last season, the outspoken mother felt...

18U East Cobb Patriots

ttrain21 ·
The 18U East Cobb Patriots are looking for players for this summer. If you are a senior in high school and committed to play college ball somewhere and would be interested in playing at East Cobb please email Tolley Lovejoy at or...

2010 Louisville Slugger Pre-Season HS All Americans

ugaOutfielder78 ·
First TeamPitchersSteven Rice, LHP, Crawsfordsville H.S., INCorey Littrell, LHP, Trinity H.S., Louisville, KYPhillip Pfeifer, LHP, Farragut H.S., Knoxville, TNThomas Dorminy, LHP, Alonso H.S., Tampa, FLJesus Vasquez, P, James Monroe Campus, Bronx,...

Roster decision (need help)

Gater022 ·
Hello colleagues, like many of you, I have spent the better part of the last few weeks jotting down potential lineups and predicting who will "make the team".An interesting issue has arised. I have a senior catcher who is a 4 year varsity player and...

Tri-State Arsenal: U17 Summer Team

MOShortStop08 ·
Wondering if I may have some information on the Tri-State Arsenal baseball program? Especially for the U-17 team(s). Do you know if there are more than one U17 team and if so, how are the team put together? Are the teams assembled by talent and skill...

Jeff Taylor

infielddad ·
Well, I start this thread with a tear in the corner of my eye, well, actually, tears and not in the corner.As life and death is part of us, the son of our generous and wonderful cyber-friend, JT, begins his senior year at Lynchburg College.While I...

Surviving the Loss of an Athlete

gamedayrocks ·
This past 2009 baseball season we lost one of our senior players, our catcher, in a horrible one-car accident. He was my son's best friend, but he had MANY close friends. We had three games left in the season, and we had to play them. The grief was...

IF NLI signed, is it still possible to receive future Acad. $?

bsbl247 ·
I'm curious, if a player signs his NLI to a school the Fall of his senior year, and improves his overall GPA to 3.5 or above by graduation; can he still qualify for additional academic help? Is the original offer etched in stone for the first year?

Gear Size

Catch43 ·
Hey,I'm looking to get new gear and was wondering what is the size difference (or other differences) in chest protectors called "adult" and "senior". I'm 6'0 and 190 lbs. so I need to get the biggest one, but why is there such a huge difference in...

Top Senior Players in the area?

ilovebaseball12345 ·
WHat are your thoughts?

Rivals Pre-season Rankings for 2010

Doubles Work ·
School Ranking RivalsHigh Baseball Atlantic East RegionListed below are the rankings for the Atlantic East region.Top Three for Virginia are:1. Poquoson2. McLean3. West Springfield Compiled by Dallas Jackson (email) Senior Analyst for...

college coach tells player to sit out senior year in HS

Wondering has anyone heard this before. There is a senior softball player (pitcher)at my kids school who is sitting out her senior year. She says her college coach recommended this because our school does not play good competition and it would be...

college scouting during high school season

RHP22 ·
i'm an uncommitted senior and i was just wondering how much attention the spring season gets as far as college coaches/scouts attending games. i know they're busy with their own baseball season, but as far as recruiting is concerned, it's just about...

85 MPH Lefty without a school?

dashriprock ·
Ive followed this site and message board for a couple years and have found the information very helpful. I have referenced the recruiting guideline table many times and we followed the recommmendations closely in my sons pursuit to continue his...

Freshman Pitchers playing the Varsity Level

Bizzle ·
My son started the season on the Jv and has had great success thus far. He has pitched only 12 1/3 innings with 24 K's. Last Wed. he pitched a complete 7 inning game with 14 K's, after the game the Varsity coach took him in his office and asked if he...

Dropping Showcase Team

birdman14 ·
Just wondering on some opinions about my son dropping the summer team my son was on for the current summer between his senior year in HS and freshman year in college. Options are American Legion, adult ammetuer 18+ leagues, or staying with the old...

When can a coach communicate with a player?

scdigger · limited knowledge has got me confused (not unusual)...I hear that a coach can't talk to a player until he's a senior...OK...if so, then how do you see Sophmores and even Freshmen committing early to programs? Son is a 2012, so I'd say we're...

Are Walkon Spots really there?

sandlotmom ·
Sandlotson has been told that his best chance is to get into a school and try and walk on. He hasn't seriously been looked at by any of the schools he is interested in attending and has been accepted at(5 local U's). All five of the schools would be...

you never know

When I attend college baseball games I try to engage parents in conversation to learn about their son's journey. A couple of years ago at a Boston College game I chatted with the mother of a BC player. The family is from Louisiana. The kid looked at...

non elite H.S. player want's to play college ball.

Bas3balldad ·
Kids junior years works very hard, loves the game, hasn't had the results so far on the field but, wants to play in college at any level Not looking to make baseball a career just wants to keep playing. Good student not great.Plan is to keep working...

Rawlings/PG Preseason Northeast Region All HS Senior Team

redsox8191 ·
Congratulations to Mike Montville for making the 1st team listing. Only kid from NH on the 1st team. Mike was also the only NH player named on the national team making High Honorable Mention.Nate Jones made the Northeast's 2nd team as well! They were...