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Visit to the mound

OPBaseball ·
I was told this weekend at a tournament that if a coach signing for pitches gives the sign directly to the pitcher, that's considered a visit to the mound. He told me that signs need to be given to the catcher and he sends them back to the pitcher....

2008 USA Baseball 16U National Team Trials Invites

BigTex229 ·
Congratulate these young men for representing Texas. These 36 were chosen from a competitive field of 2500 participants.West and East InvitesUSA BASEBALL 16U CHAMPIONSHIPS -- WEST INVITESNAME POS B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN 16U WEST TEAM Cody Buckel RHP...

How are your pre-HSer's doing?

Callaway ·
Just wanted to see how the little guys are doing now that the season is well under way. My son's Dixie Major team is 7-2 and in first place. Boomer's record on the mound is 5-1 and he has the 2nd best batting average of .444. I am very pleased with...

TSR--Looking for top level 15-17U for 2013 Summer

Coach Brandow ·
TSR will be holding tryouts for the 2013 summer season. Looking for top players to add to rosters. We will once again be traveling to some of the top tournaments in the country. Tryout dates:Individual Tryouts only.Email:

I don't understand this!

I noticed in college baseball, late into the game, while some teams are just crushing the opponent that the position starters on that team are still playing in the game. And sometimes the starting pitcher is still hanging in there. Why wouldn't a...

lllinois Indians '09 Tryouts

IllinoisIndians ·
Come try out to be a part of the Illinois Indians Travel Baseball Team for the Fall 2008 and Summer 2009 travel baseball seasons. The Illinois Indians are a travel baseball organization comprised of 10 teams in the age groups of 9-18 years old....


McKinney Marshals ·
The McKinney Marshals will hold open tryouts for ages 15U, 16U, 17U & 18U the next two Saturdays, August 18th & 25th from 10:00-1:00 at Plano East Senior High School in Plano. WHAT: McKinney Marshals Open Tryouts AGES: 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U DATES: Saturday, August 18 & Saturday, August 25 TIMES: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm WHERE: Plano East Senior High School FOR: 2012/2013 Players should wear appropriate baseball attire and bring their own water. There is never a charge for a tryout with the Marshals.

Fragile arms spark fierce debate

Dibble ·
[URL=] [/URL Fragile arms spark fierce debate By CRAIG CUSTANCE The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 05/02/05 It's a sensitive subject, for sure. One Major League Baseball scout politely declined to discuss it for fear he might alienate his high school contacts. An agent postponed an interview, deciding after a night's sleep to pass on the discussion...

Can pitchers wear sunglasses?

KT ·
I know it sounds stupid, but in the April 29 issue of The Sporting News they said pitchers can't wear sunglasses on the mound. Is that rule just for the major leagues or is it highschool too? I thought Eric Gagne and Francisco Rodriguez wore...

Good Article

catcher09 ·
Fragile arms spark fierce debateBy CRAIG CUSTANCEThe Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 05/02/05 It's a sensitive subject, for sure. One Major League Baseball scout politely declined to discuss it for fear he might alienate his high school...

Allison Returns To Mound

Dibble ·
Allison Returns To Mound

Tryouts for Tidewater Drillers 2014 & 2015 showcase teams

Driller Baseball ·
Saturday, August 25th, 11:00 A.M. at First Colonial High SchoolThe Tidewater Drillers will be having open tryouts for players in the 2014 and 2015 graduating classes this Saturday at First Colonial High School beginning at 11 AM. There is no fee to...

I am glad to make this post.

Bighit15 ·
This is a great story for a kid who has overcome a lot of problems. I hope he does well and makes it all the way. He has the chance to be a great role model for all he has gone through.This article was in todays Baseball America. It is well worth the...

Catcher Faking Throw

Catching Coach ·
Two interesting plays this week highlighted the need to be sure our catchers know the correct way to fake a throw to 2nd with men on 1st & 3rd. Game #1: had a catcher try to fake the throw with the ball actually in his throwing hand. He started the throw to 2nd looking realistic but as his throwing arm moved through the slot he began to let up in an effort to not accidentally loose his grip on the ball. Two things happened, one he didn’t fool anyone with the “fake”, and...

Unsigned Seniors

baseballmom ·
For any of you unsigned Seniors out there, you may want to jump on the site & start looking at Juco tryout dates. Some start around May 21, & go thru June. Texas has Region 14 (east section of Texas) & 5 includes DFW & west thru New Mexico. Some require a modest tryout fee ($10-$15). Be sure to fill out the questionaire, too. Email or call the Coaches for info, too! Good luck to you guys!

pithcing mound

DDshortstop27 ·
I'm trying to build a pitchers mound in my backyard. Have any of ya'll done this, and if so what is the best way of doing this. thankyou

They all throw 90+

MN-Mom ·
My son's D3 team played a non-conference game this week against a strong D2 team that has 5 pitchers who throw in the 90s. We saw 3 of those 5 pitch in this game (I think they were using it as a warmup...

MTSU gets by Vandy and the Recruitinator

Tenndad ·
Marcus Taylor doubled, homered, had three RBIs and scored three times, and Jeff Kasser worked a season-long 5.2 innings to get the victory in a 6-4 Middle Tennessee win over Vanderbilt Wednesday night at Hawkins Field. Taylor scored in the third,...

Goofy Appeal Situation

OldPro ·
At our little league's 10-12 division, we had an appeal situation as follows: 2 outs with runners on first and second. Batter hits a double into the right center gap, but fails to touch first base. Both runners score. After the play and before the...

When does the ball become live?

hospo22 ·
I had a situation happen and I dont really know the rule. This was 14 year old little league but I would like to know what the rule is on every level.Here is the situation:Man on 3rd base with one out. Its a 2-2 pitch, the batter fouls off a ball. The...

Johann Knee signs with PSAC leader DIV II Kutztown

CapitalBaseball ·
I just want to give a fatherly congratulations to my son Johann Knee of Montgomery Village, MD for his signing with the DII Kutztown Bears, of Kutztown University. Although he had offers from DI schools such as Ohio, University of Miami (OH),...

Question about wearing glasses.

Fastball97 ·
My son is a pitcher and outfielder. He really should be wearing his glasses while playing, but currently does not. Contacts irritate his eyes. We have checked into sports type glasses (almost like a small goggle w/band backing). Is a pitcher allowed...

Milligan is not allowed to settle Region Championship on the field

Bizazz ·
Milligan entered Saturday as the winner's bracket winner, needing to lose to Spalding twice.Milligan got ineffective pitching and suffered a loss in game 1.The tarp was pulled onto the field in anticipation of a thunderstorm. During the rain delay...

2013 Spring/Summer Heroes Baseball Tryouts

A211 ·
Heroes Baseball Club Announcing the 2013 Spring/Summer Tryout ScheduleNOVEMBER 2012DATE: AGES: TIME: 3RD NOV 15-18U 1PM-4PM4TH NOV 9-10U 1PM-4PM10TH NOV 11-14U 1PM-4PM11TH NOV 15-18U 1PM-4PM17TH NOV 9-10U 1PM-4PM18TH NOV 11-14U 1PM-4PMDECEMBER...

Pro tryouts

Our hs soph. catcher just received an invitation to a MLB tryout. Any helpful advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

Post Tommy John Surgery

rocky25 ·
Son had Tommy John Surgery February 2008. Just getting back out on to the mound in limited game situations. Arm feels great. But at times is having control problems. Telling him it will take a while to get everything back in sync....just be...

walk-on versus preferred walk-on?

2seamer ·
What's the difference between the two? My son just finished his soph. year as a JUCO pitcher.He had a great year, but didn't start getting interest until late in the season. A top 20 D1 is interested, but doesn't have any money left. He was told that...

Beach results 5/18

SnDvl17 ·
Cox 11 Salem 4Salem had a staff day on the mound throwing 5 different pitchers...each one struggled!Salem tried to come back late with a 2-run homerun from (Me)Cory Stewart in the 7th but it was too late.

Pro Select Tryout Camp

09thirdstop ·
I have been invited to participate in a "select invite only tryout camp" for a major league team. There will be athletes from all over the midwest and Canada. I never really thought I was that good; maybe mid-major D1 at best. What do the scouts hold...

Runner on first runs to RF

RFloyd ·
In a recent sectional playoff here there were runners on first and third with one out. When the pitcher came set on the mound the runner on first took of to right feild. Stood beside the right fielder. Pitcher threw to second, when he did the runner...


casey75 ·
Two questions on a couple of plays...thanks:1) Man on third, one out. Ground ball to first base side of mound, pitcher fields it and, thinking that there are two outs, runs to first himself and makes the putout, ignoring the runner at third who...

Same High School Back to Back Draftees

NRPMom ·
Congratulations to Flower Mound High School Back To Back Draftees, #53 Craig Italiano Oakland A's and #54 Paul Kelly Minnesota Twins!Has this happened in past drafts? Also from Flower Mound, Jordan Meaker Houston Astros!Not only great athletes but...

Games or Open Tryouts??

Kungaloosh ·
My 04 son is playing ball for a local team this summer that has a relatively short season (14 games, mostly doubleheaders)Due to a family graduation trip and the PG Unsigned Senior Showcase, he is already missing 4 of those games.I just found some...

Is this fair?

HiwasseeVol ·
Do you think it's fair for an SEC school to have a player lead his team offense in home runs and also have his team low ERA while on the mound.I think the SEC should make these schools have the player either pitch or hit! They shouldn't be allowed to...

Travel Ball - Good and Bad.......

CNY2010 ·
With all of the recent posts, I thought I would chime in with my experiences in my son's journey.Mine started playing organized "coach pitch" at 8 years old. When he was 8 or 9, a coach asked me to allow him to play for his travel team. I initially...


UticaBrewersGM ·
The Utica Brewers and have teamed to form a hands on developmental college recruiting program which will include tournaments, private showcases, instruction and personal assistance with collegiate placement. The Utica Brewers Scout...


Fropes Coach ·
Sunday, November 18thThe Ballfields at Craig Ranch (Field #10)12:00pm - 2:00pm 15u -18u2:00pm - 4:00pm 11u - 14u4:00pm - 6:00pm 7u - 10u*If you are not able to make the date of try-outs, please call 972.548.8940 or email to...

Storing Clay Mound Bricks

Gater022 ·
Hey, I just received a few dozen clay mound bricks that I plan on using to rebuild our pitchers mound. The problem is we don't use the baseball field during the fall (JV football uses outfield every day). What is the best way to store the bricks? I'm...

"R. Charles Hott Stadium" @ James Wood HS slideshow

Pics were taken from 2005-2007.One of the nicer on-site facilities that you find in the state. Broadway HS in Rockingham County has a legit field as well.Field does not have irrigation, only the 2" outlet behind pitchers mound with around...

San Diego CIF Finals

maysfan ·
Watched some pretty good baseball yesterday at Tony Gywnn stadium. The venue is just great for high school baseball. The place was packed for D1 finals and even the D4 had a good size crowd. In D1, Rancho Bernardo just hits the cover off the ball and...

Strike 3 in dirt....interference?

CoachJ28 ·
My HS team played in a tournament this weekend, and this situation came up:Runner at 3rd, 2 outs. Batter swings and misses at strike 3 in the dirt. My catcher blocked the ball and it went back in the direction of the mound. The batter/runner struck...

DBAT Mustangs December Tryout For 15-18U Moved Indoors

catcher ·
Due to the weather this weekend, the DBAT Mustangs will have their December tryout this Sunday, December 4 at 3pm at DBAT Addison, located at 15605 Wright Brothers Drive in Addison (972.387.3228). This tryout will be for ages 15, 16, 17 and 18U. There...

Texas Stallions Baseball Club 10U, 13U, and 14U

stallions9 ·
Looking for a couple of players for each team for Fall 2012. If you have a good attitude and a desire to develop your skills with top-notch coaching, we are looking for you. We are an established club where you can grow with teams from 9U through 18U....

Help , suggestions ,or bust

surfdog ·
Baseball web For the last two years my son has played the recruiting game in Ca,He has a 3.5 g.p.a and a act score of 21. He,s an upcoming Senior with better then average pitching skills (87 mph 6 ft tall) plays any other position good and has hit a...

Fort Worth Cats' Tryout - Feb 6th

FortWorthCats ·
The Fort Worth Cats Summer 2010 Tryouts!www.fortworthcatsorgThe Fort Worth Cats Baseball Club will be holding tryouts for 2010 summer teams (Freshman-Seniors) on Saturday, February 6th, at 3:00pm at Western Hills HS in Fort Worth. Players just need to...

Mid-Atlantic Red Sox prospect camp February 6th

Mid-Atlantic Red Sox ·
On February 6, 2010 the Mid Atlantic Red Sox, in conjunction with Extra Innings, will be holding an Evaluation/Tryout for players at Extra Innings located at 7904 Rossville Boulevard, Nottingham, Maryland 21236. This Evaluation/Tryout is for elite...

Dallas Prospects Tryout Ages 18u and 16u feb 7th

Dallas Prospects ·
The Dallas Prospects will have be having tryouts for its 18u, 16u, and 15u select teams on Sunday February 21st at 2pm at the University of Texas at Dallas For more information on the Dallas Prospects, including 2010 tournaments, please visit...

Throw Until You're Tired?

Harv ·
Okay, I'm gathering opinions here from experienced HS age parents and coaches. We've not much of a pre-season workout program here at the HS ages, nothing other than what I as a parent organize when our snow country school has gym time...

When to stop working out

BK35 ·
My son is a HS Freshman. He has been working out 2-3 times per week at the HS gym and going for speed and agility 2x a week. He is primarily a pitcher. HS tryouts start Match 5.We are wondering if we should stop the workouts before the tryouts start....

SU's VanSickler named PreSeason POY for DIII Baseball

February 2, 2010MESA, Ariz. - Junior Greg Van Sickler has been tabbed as the pre-season Division III Player of the Year in selections announced Tuesday by Baseball America.Van Sickler, who earned NABC All-America status last season after leading...