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Amanda Hopkins, newest Mariners' Area Scout

tres_arboles ·
I was going to post this note of congratulations to Amanda Hopkins in the Northwest Forum. Changed my mind and decided to post it here because I think the story has legs. After all, Amanda is believed to be the first female pro baseball scout in 60 years. Yesterday, the Mariners officially announced they had hired Amanda Hopkins as their newest Area Scout. Amanda is a neighborhood gal I've known forever. She has trained with my son through the Rips Baseball club for years. Her dad Ron...

Re: Division 3

JohnF ·
warriorbaseball1: Did you want a liberal arts education or are you looking to specialize in something (business, engineer, doctor, dentist, etc.)? Makes a difference since some of these schools have the best programs around while others "just" have a degree program. Still a degree from any of these schools will help you get in the front door when your "real career" starts... Do you know if you want a city location, just outside a city, or fairly far from a city? Any thoughts on size of...

Re: Amanda Hopkins, newest Mariners' Area Scout

kandkfunk ·
Very cool! Thanks for posting and congrats to her.