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doing it on your own

ghouse ·
I am obviously a big supporter of parents and students getting as involved in the recruiting process as possible, learning as much as possible and doing as much as they possibly can.I am not against recruiting services, I know some terrific people who...

Finding the right fit

Runningaway ·
My son is a 2012 player and he is currently in the thick of finding the right school. He is getting lots of interest from some quality D3 teams and some interest from mid tier D1 and D2 schools. I learned last night how important a visit can be. I was...

JUCO's and CC's

PopTime ·
We're trying to compile lists of target schools from NCAA Div I, II and III. Obviously there are many more D1 schools which have the academic programs my son is interested in (Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology) but we've also found some very nice...

Transfer Question

shortstop2007 ·
Does anyone know the details on what needs to happen for a player to transfer from an NAIA school to a D1 or D2 school?

Uncomitted 2013 showcase

DPElite99 ·
It occured to me that I should have posted this BEFORE my son registered for the 2013 Uncomitted Showcase in January, but anyway, I would appreciate anyone's experience on prior uncomitted showcases, and what we might expect in January. Son is about...

Middle TN Baseball

cbg ·
The Middle Tennessee area of the state has done very well at the state tournament this year. Friendship Christian made it to te finals in class A before being knocked off by University School of Jackson; David Lipscomb won the championship in AA;...

College Recruiting Guidance

Collegesports1982 ·
FACT: Many times a D3 school gives more total aid then D1 and D2TRUE: D3 school can’t call aid athletic money but many give great packagesFACT: The recruiting process starts the day a high school athlete enters high school.Why: Because all your...

HS Baseball Verses Select

downandout ·
There are some VERY knowledgable people on this board and I need some advice on whether or not to let my kid play ball in high school. I have an incoming freshman that has trained hard and currently plays on a high end Texas select team. After all...

Size ? regarding recruiting.

Right now Im a junior standing close to 5'7 1/4" I play catcher for a school up in NY competing in one of the hardest divisions AAA. I throw out 80%+ runners and Im batting above .400. Will my height have anything to do with wether or not colleges...

Colleges moving up

All's_Jake ·
Where can I go to find out which colleges are moving up in the next 2 years, particularly from D2 to D1?

They all throw 90+

MN-Mom ·
My son's D3 team played a non-conference game this week against a strong D2 team that has 5 pitchers who throw in the 90s. We saw 3 of those 5 pitch in this game (I think they were using it as a warmup...

Typical Time Frame For Offers From Mid Level D1 Or D2

2014Prospect ·
We are wondering what the normal time frame for offers from mid to lower D1s or D2's is. Our son is a junior. Thanks for any information!

RPI rankings of interest to this board.

soxnole ·
Though its somewhat unfair to some schools for various reasons, this is how local and national D1 programs of interest rank heading toward the regional's, super regional's and CWS. Texas.............1Coastal Carolina..19Florida State...

25 Pitchers - 86mph+

The_Complete_Showcase ·
Video of top players from our August 11th Camp: We promoted that 30 college coaches would be in attendance but 39 coaches showed up. We also had an impressive 25 pitchers that threw 86mph+. All those players...

San Diego CIF Finals

maysfan ·
Watched some pretty good baseball yesterday at Tony Gywnn stadium. The venue is just great for high school baseball. The place was packed for D1 finals and even the D4 had a good size crowd. In D1, Rancho Bernardo just hits the cover off the ball and...

2010 College Reporting thread

ClevelandDad ·
According to floridafan JUCO's start tomorrow. This thread is for all levels of college baseball - JUCO, NAIA, D3, D2, and D1. Tell us about anything that comes to mind. Your son's accomplishments, his teammates success, your excitement about things,...

Great lakes area showcases well attended by colleges

gonyard ·
What showcases in the area of say MI,OH,IL,IN, during the summer months are well attended by D1/D2 colleges?Thank you. (Looking for biggest bang for the buck, August)

GSAC moving from NAIA to D2?

baseballfam4 ·
Does anyone have information on the GSAC conference in California moving from NAIA to division 2?Is this just a rumor/idea?

Top D1 or Top D2

Brn2Hit ·
A coach at a top SEC D1 is offering a recruited walk on spot saying that he has no money. Their starting 3rd baseman, 2nd baseman, catcher, an outfielder and a closer are all walk ons, I do not know who was left to get all the money, but that is what...

Top D3 vs. D2

Jones fan ·
Just wondering how folks think the top 20 d3 schools compare to d2 baseball? Baseball wise, is it better for a player to play top d3 or mid to bottom d2.I've noticed that several services say that bottom D1 caliber players fit well into mid d2 and top...

Lewis Clark State Question

foulball19 ·
I have read what I can find from previous posts on LC State but would like some input from those that know more about the program and school.My son is at a pretty good Calif JC that has gotten attention from LC State about playing there next year....


Pyros Dad ·
What determines whether a school is D1, D2 or D3 in both NCAA and NJCAA?

D2 Schools

a.axum581 ·
What are some of the best baseball playing Division 2 schools?


J23 ·
My 2010 son has sparked interest in a few upper level D3's. One is paying for a recruiting trip, has had repeated invitations for unofficial visits to the others as well as multiple requests for him to apply for entry in their schools. There are also...

Div 2 season cut short in 2011

YoungGunDad ·
For those of you who has son's playing D2 ball, looks like 2011 will have less games.Division II slashes games

Gauging interest

463 ·
Son is a 2011 SS who has received probably 30 emails/letters from mostly D1's. Some schools he initiated contact, others they inititated contact. Most are personalized form letters (i.e. addressed Dear sons name). Most are signed as a copy, some...

Missouri Colleges

bdog10 ·
Living here in Northern Iowa there are not too many quality D1 and D2 schools. My son visited a camp at the University of Missouri and really enjoyed the entire place. Does anyone have any experiences at Missouri,Missouri State, or Central Missouri?...

Scholarship offer?

bbdad10 ·
My son just received his first scholarship offer today, from a D2 school. The offer was for $3000, which is 25% of the tuition cost. His coach says ANY offer to play college baseball is great. I guess we just thought the offer would be more. Is this a...

college debut's

right arm of zeus ·
Congrats to Eastern View graduates Brandon Mack and Trevor Funk for making their college debut's this past weekend.Both true freshman starting for their teams:Trevor is at D2 Alderson and Broadus in WV and had a a double, 2 singles, 2 stolen bases, 3...

Progress eligibility after 3 years at juco (med redshirt)

gonyard ·
Please offer your thoughts, advice, and if you know if this is correct on the following.My son a 4-2-4 qualifier guy is now at juco starting year 2 soph with 32 credits. He was medical hardship (redshirt) for year 1 at D1 college. We were concerned...

senior and coach at odds

baseballmom25 ·
My son and his high school coach do not have a good rapport. Coach knows he is very good athletically but does not like his attitude/arrogance. He has done very little as the adult to build a good relationship with my son and vice versa. My son...

Trying to play college summer ball in 2015

Chris F ·
Hello, I am a current RS Freshman for a D2 school in West Virginia. I recently transferred because of many issues at my former D3 school. I understand it's still this summer but I starting to look into playing next summer somewhere. I live in NJ but...

NAIA Question

vikingboy ·
My son is being recruited by several NAIA schools in Illinois where we live, my question is, he is also being recruited by D3 schools and 1 D2 school. How do NAIA schools compare to D2 OR D3 schools??? Competition wise, scholarship wise??? Thanks in...

Lewis University

vikingboy ·
Anyone have any info on the D2 Lewis Fliers from Romeoville,IL?? Wondering about the program. Thanks

Dropping like flies

Stafford ·
College starts back in three weeks. Kids who were committed and signed are backing out at the last minute... Four local examples:   1. Found out there would be 8 players at his position at the local D2. Making the last minute switch to JUCO. 2....

Arena Starz South Tryouts

getagoodpitchtohit ·
Tryouts for the Arena STARZ South 2015 summer 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, and 17u teams will be held on Sunday, August 24 . Details are as follows:   LOCATION Anne Arundel Community College 101 College Parkway Arnold, MD 21012   TIME 13u-14u...

What should we do?

Wahoo82 ·
Looking for some advice to guide in a decision making process. My son is a rising senior, OF/RHP. He has one solid offer from a D2 and has strong feelers, including requests for campus visits that are clearly not camp pitches, from four or five...

RMAC/Colorado Mesa

FlyEmirates7 ·
Can anyone give me info about the schools that play in this conference? How hard do the pitchers throw? I really want to go to Colorado Mesa, and I understand they're really good making it to the D2 CWS finals this year. For a RHP, what are really the...

D3/D2 recruiting

joshraies ·
I am going to be a senior this year, I have had a very successful junior season and summer season, I've received a little interest but not a whole lot, nothing like offers. I'm more of a utility guy and I get on base a lot, not a flashy player, just...

quick question D2/D3

learning ·
This may be because I haven't read enough, and I apologize in advance if this is obvious and therefore a 'dumb question but I have been browsing this site for awhile now and in many discussions there is talk of D1 versus D3.  For example ' my son...

AZ Community Colleges

FlyEmirates7 ·
Hi guys,   What would you guys say is the general opinion of AZ jucos today? I know they're still good, but the talent isn't NEARLY what it was up until about 4-5 years ago. I'm not seeing as many kids get drafted out of them, and I went to a few...

Multiple offers just not the right one

baseballmomx4 ·
My son (2015 rhp) has gone from no offers to 3 in the past week with a pending offer.  The problem is the pending offer. He has 1 offer for a roster spot at a mid level D1(too dicey for us) a ridiculously high offer from a low level d1 ( son not...

Fall Baseball?

Conbro13 ·
Is it better for my 2016 to play fall travel ball this year, Or should he focus on working out and getting stronger and faster during the fall? He currently has a couple offers from some teams to play for this fall, but his high school team had a team...

Summer has come and gone: what now?

SluggerDad ·
Now that summer has come and gone with no offers what does the kid do next? He still has two exposure events: All Cal State Showcase this weekend Arizona Senior Fall Classic in October. Mostly, though, he's now focused on competitive to...

Early Decision

MomOf3 ·
Could someone explain exactly how Early Decision works? Is it for Ivies? All D3s or just more academically selective ones? And what does it cover? Does applying and being accepted ED prevent you from going to another Ivy if that's where you...

No weight conditioning. Is that normal?

playball2011 ·
Noticed that some D2 and D3 schools son has looked at do not have baseball specific trainers and players are on own to go to school gym when they can to work out. My ? What I'd they don't know what lifts are good and the ones to stay away from. have...

Flat seam baseball - D2

bballman ·
Has anyone heard an official word on Division 2 using the flat seam baseball yet?  I know D1 is adopting it, but have not seen official word on D2.  My son says they are, but I'm not sure if he heard it about D1 and is thinking D2 will be...

D 3 Progams

Phillybball ·
Anyone know anything about Roanoke, Lynchburg, McDaniel, any other suggestions. We have identified these among DIII schools to consider. My son is a very strong high school player and travel player but short in stature, which is limiting interest from D1 schools. We are from SE PA. Although plenty of players go D1 very few go High D1 and succeed. These three schools are a good academic fit. My son would be in the around the 25 th percentile regarding the SAT scores, and has a weighted 4.0 at...

Next steps to take in looking for a college team?

DwightMillard33 ·
Hello everyone,   To those who have seen my previous posts, I'm a current college senior with one year of eligibility remaining at a Division 2 institution, and I'm looking for a place to play for the 2015-2016 school year, ideally, as a graduate...

Sorting through the process

My 2015 good size catcher has gotten interest from small to mid D1 as well as D2 programs. Through email and phone call coaches have expressed their interest. Some have come to see his play on one or more occasion. A couple of coaches have called him just to see what is up and feed him all the right lines. “We hear good things about you” “ like your play” “one of our coaches has seen you play a couple of times and like what they see” only later when follow up they do not respond but days...