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high school fall workouts

raiderbb ·
we are going to a 2 day a week program for the fall. we have golfers, footballers, crosscountriers, etc. we want them playing other sports but want them in the weightroom too. i study this stuff all the time and understand the sportspecific/functional...

Pastime 18U National Championship

ulmdad ·
We just returned from the 18U Pastime "National Championship" tournament in Indianapolis, IN. There were 52 teams at the event with a mix level of talent. Several 17u teams and I think some 16u teams attended. There were some college coaches there,...

Need Info about Maryland Baseball

NtxMustangs ·
Hello, I recently was tendered a job offer in the Columbia, Maryland area. I have a Freshman son who plays baseball. He has been playing very competitive/travel ball for many years in the Dallas area. He loves the game and it is important for us to be...

Player Development Plan

turnin2 ·
Here in Texas, we as high school coaches cannot coach a kid in our school zone out of season except during our UIL Period (Baseball class basically). Our off-season program (summer 3 teams and fall 2 teams) are huge in our development. We teach skills...


CoastalBaseball ·
Coastal Carolina University is having their annual Firecracker Classic Position Player Showcase on June 274h, Northeast Elite (satellite camp at Mercer County Community College in NJ) on July 18th and 19th and their Chant Select July 31-Aug 2. These...


CoastalBaseball ·
Coastal Carolina University is having their annual Firecracker Classic Position Player Showcase on June 24th, Northeast Elite (satellite camp at Mercer County Community College in NJ) on July 18th and 19th and their Chant Select July 31-Aug 2. These...


saipanwarrior ·
Lynnhaven Baseball 19U Team will host open-sign ups on Saturday, 23 May from 1000-1200 at Trant Field 586 N. Lynnhaven Road, next to King's Grant Elementary School. We do not have a try-out, we believe every kid should get a change to play. We will...

Lock Haven Reinstates Baseball

Roll2 ·
On friday, April 24, 2009, between ganes of a doubleheader, the Lock Haven University Athletic Director and the President of the University announced that the baseball program would be reinstated for th 2009-10 school year. The president also said...

Recent "crazy" umpiring calls...

TCB1 ·
I have had a recent spate of (in my opinion)"strange" rulings from umpires here in Ohio:1. Kid takes full swing at a pitch and it hits him. Umpire tells me he gets awarded 1st because it was a "defensive swing" and therefore not a strike. Says "It's...

Joe Morgan says....

55mom ·
Last night he and the other motley crew were discussing the Mets injuries. The point was made that the athletes might be over conditioning one set of muscles causing strain on others. I've heard that before, but then JM mentioned that an Olympic track...


unionss ·
what is considered early signing period for 2010 grad. or when can they sign with college?

Kids tuning out parents

Everyday Dad ·
I may be overreacting a bit since my kid is a 16yo. Just want some assurance I guess. For the record, I have a very good relationship with my son. I'm not going to say great, since I am giving him his space and privacy to mature on his own. He is my...

DIII Question

NYdad2017 ·
A D3 question for you folks.  My son, a 2017, was recently contacted via email by a D3 in Maryland.  He received an email from admissions, an application from admissions and an email (passing on info about their fall and camp - not...

2016 invited to play out of the Country by D1

Carolina Girl ·
My son (2016) was just invited to play over Christmas by a D1 coach out of the country.  Have you heard of this before?  They are taking a small number of kids and playing multiple games over a 7 day period.  Cost is fairly reasonable...

How important is Pitching Velocity

Cavtrooper ·
My 2017 is a RHP/2B who will be trying out this February for his HS Freshman team.  He gets a few strikeouts now and then and gives up a few runs here and there.  His success has always been with changing it up and locating and...

Volunteer Coaches

coach2709 ·
Two recent posts (as well as older ones in the past) have brought to light the question about why a HS coach would turn away a volunteer coach.  Especially one who has college / pro experience as a player or even why parents aren't allowed to...

Red Shirt Rules?

Bludevil_bk ·
My son attends a selective D3 college in Virginia. He is a Freshman. He earned a starting position in the fall. He was injured (ribs/back) in practice following the second game of the regular season. He was offered a redshirt early in his...

Looking for 10U AA/AAA Players in North Dallas

Dallas Green Sox ·
We're currently looking for a couple of 10U AA/AAA Players - especially pitchers.  Private Tryouts will be scheduled.  Please contact us by completing our  tryouts form .   Green Sox Baseball 972.559.4934

Ivy League Recruiting

kevkev29 ·
As a junior in HS, when is the typical time where a recruit is being told by an Ivy that they are seriously interested, etc., and will a recruit know in mid summer if an Ivy is really seriously interested, even well before time period of when likely...

NLI period

I expected my son's NLI paperwork to come in the Spring - however it is being prepared for the November period.  Curious if there is any strategy/reasoning a coach would want to do it in Fall versus Spring?  Just caught me off guard....I...

JUCO Players, D I, II Coaches, summer ball

hokieone ·
FYI, there is frequently confusion over the rules on JUCO's and summer ball. The NCAA has explained to the Valley League the following:  JUCO players cannot play for a summer team that has any D I or D II coaches on its staff. Period. Even...

Sorry but I have to rant a little bit

coach2709 ·
Disclaimer - while this is going to probably sound like I'm lumping everyone together with my statements that is not my intention.  I realize that this is going to sound like I'm criticizing all travel / showcase / whatever team but I feel the...

Long Tossing Question (Jaeger)

Young_Baller ·
I do the jaeger long tossing program...kinda.  When we go to 7th period for baseball and long toss (monday/wednesday/friday)  we go straight into the field house, get dressed, streth and begin long tossing.  We throw for about 20...

PG World and Uncommitted Showcase 2014

31baseball ·
What is the main difference between the Perfect Game World and Uncommitted Showcase?  Are college scouts allowed to watch the student athlete at the showcase since the dates of the showcase are Jan 4th and 5th which fall during the...



Brad S.


Masculine Discussion of Men's Movies by Manly Men...

Heavy D ·
Gentlemen:As a service to my fellow man, I would like to suggest a few movies that can be viewed and used to defend your home from an estrogen onslaught whenever your wife, girlfriend, concubine, et. al. considers hosting a Pampered Chef party or asks...

Update on class of 08

Coach May ·
Last year I gave a detailed report on our incoming Freshman class. I told you about our baseball conditioning program that starts in July and runs up to Jan 1. Last year I posted the numbers - Ht Wt 60 time Bench Press Squat Mile Run and Velocity for...

What would you do?

Mom2006 ·
This is long, but I need to vent!My son is a HS Senior this year and is set to graduate in May. He signed a NLI with a top DI school during the early signing period as a LH Pitcher. He would go today, if he could. He has received All State, All Region...

visiting US with Dutch Team till 16 years age

The Bears Holland ·
We are a dutch baseball team with boys in age untill 16 years old. Our team won the Dutch Championship in their age for the season 2011. We played in Europe the little league championship 2009 and 2010. As a token of respect for there hard work this...

quiet period

rcmax29 ·
as this is written ncaa is in a quiet period. are coaches allowed to email jrs and srs during the quiet period - not a dead period, mind you, but a quiet period. thanks

HS Tryout time

KCBaseball ·
Many high schools are holding or preparing for the stressful tryout period. This is the first year I haven't had to worry whether my son would make the varsity team since he's a senior. I will be thinking positive thoughts for all your sons who are...

? about D1/Juco after draft

SeedThrower ·
I hope I am posting this in the correct forum. My question has to do with what the rules are when a player signs a NLI at early signing period in November then gets picked in the June draft lets say 5-10 rounds. Now, we all know that this more than...

2006 Spring Signing Question

Youreout ·
My son did not commit with any colleges in the early Nov. 2005 signing period. Although he had offers, he was not ready and some schools wanted to see him play again. Am I correct that a NLI can be signed starting on April 12 through August 1, 2006? ...

My Three Sons

Fungo ·
As I look back over the past 18 years I notice something I have never really thought about before. There are three distinct and different stages a player and his parents go through. THE YOUNGER SON:The younger years include T ball and coach pitch and...

DII Recruiting Calendar?

waynek ·
I've checked the NCAA site, done searches on this site and I still can't find the official DII baseball recruiting calendar. DI info seems much easior to find. I'm interested in when the contact periods, quiet periods, dead periods and evalulation...

Upcoming visit to the Phoenix area

lsc59 ·
Hi,My eldest will be playing in the Greater Phoenix Invitation from in March. The exact dates are March 19th through the 26th. I will in town for most of that time. Although my wife would disagree, even I can't watch baseball exclusively over a period...

Recruiting Story

BlueRidge ·
I wanted to post my son's experience with recruiting this fall and hopefully get some feedback on whether his experience is typical.On July 1 he received calls from a few schools. Each week in July he got a few more calls and probably ended up with a...


My quest to become a more informed parent led me to researching nutrition, dieting, and supplements specifically for athletes. Fungo's thread about the making of a baseball player, and some talk about supplements there, made me think I should perhaps...

Banned for Life

In the Black Sox scandal and this is a scandal they sent a clear message that gambling and the knowledge of a player gambling would result in those players being banned for life from ever playing the game again. It was done in the best interest of...

JUCO late signings?

Infield08 ·
Someone asked me if JUCO's have a late signing period and if so, how long the period lasts. I have been able to find dates for NCAA programs but not for NCJAA. Can anyone help?

New to this...

A-Train ·
Hi fellow baseball family... we just discovered this site and it seems/promises to be a very helpful tool. What we are looking for is exactly what "Novice Dad" just wrote in his message titled "For what it's worth"(2/10/08 11:26pm)in the General Items...

Teaching the "rotational swing"

goblue15 ·
I am taking over a varsity baseball program that has been taught to hit using linear fundamentals for the past 11 years. The team has struggled to hit consistently during that time period. I would like to try to change these kids to rotational, but...

This is a pretty rare occurance!

06catcherdad ·
It is pretty rare when a single high school has multiple students committed to play baseball at major Division 1 programs. It is even more rare when there are three of those players who are all juniors, committed before their junior baseball season...

CABA (Woodstock) / USSSA (Crystal Lake)

K13 ·
Noticed that the Crystal Lake community has dumped the CABA World Series (9u, 11u, 15u) in favor of the USSSA Nationals (9u, 11u, 15u). From the looks of it, the Woodstock area will be picking up the CABA WS. To boot, looks like both are being run...


DaddyBo ·
I have always understood the signing of the NLI as receiving baseball money.I have encountered some knowlegeable baseball people asking, "Wonder how many of those signing LOI (or NLI) are getting no baseball money?".Early period signings get @ least...

Whats Happens Next

great white ·
Now that the early signing period is over, What happens next for the remaining / majority of the kids out there.Should JC players being doing anything different then HS players in the recruiting game?

Quiet Period

What can be done and what can't be done during quiet period?

Selig gets 3-year extension through 2012

Dad04 ·
Selig received $14.5 million in the 12-month period ending Oct. 31, 2005, according to Major League Baseball's last available tax return. quote:You're doing a helluva job Brownie!Baseball's labor contract runs through the 2011 season and its national...

Pasco County Pre- Baseball Report

bobby ·
PASCO COUNTY PREP BASEBALL TEAM CAPSULESThe Tampa TribunePublished: February 15, 2008Bishop McLaughlinCOACH: Nick Rodriguez (Third season) DISTRICT: 2A-9 KEY LOSSES: None PLAYERS TO WATCH: Marcel Duarte CF, Sr.; Chris Overbeck P, Sr.; Mike Gonzalez...