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How do I sharpen up my fielding game?

Raymond ·
I really aspire to be a consistent fielder so much so that a gold glove is worth more than any hitting award to me usually. Its a sign of a ballplayer and 95% fielding is just a cool part of the game to me. I love catching deep flyballs and taking infield, but grounders are my favorite to work with. I'm consistent with my grounders as I field the vast majority of them but the ones I mishandled are almost always weak ones that pop up (on the ground/hop not off the glove) after practically...

Re: How do I sharpen up my fielding game?

Ripken Fan ·
For "infield" fielding, Coach Frawley and Coach Correa are two of the best. Both their twitter pages include many instructional video snippets- and talk about fundamentals and improving infield technique.