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doing it on your own

ghouse ·
I am obviously a big supporter of parents and students getting as involved in the recruiting process as possible, learning as much as possible and doing as much as they possibly can.I am not against recruiting services, I know some terrific people who...

Bio-Mechanical Aspects of the Kinetic Chain In The Swing

Quincy ·
I figured there had to be a place for this discussion.Many aspects of human movements in sport can be readily understood by Newtonian rigid-body mechanics. Many of these laws and biomechanical principles, however, are counterintuitive to a lot of...

Should we monitor catcher workloads, pitch counts, too?

smitlings ·
Does any baseball authority, league recommend monitoring catcher's workload and pitch count? I DO NOW. My son pitches and catches, and even with careful monitoring, he sometimes has a sore arm after catching vs. pitching. I try to maintain a policy of...

what to do about pitch counts for players who pitch and catch? Caution

smitlings ·
Does any baseball authority, league recommend monitoring catcher's workload and pitch count? I DO NOW. My son pitches and catches, and even with careful monitoring, he sometimes has a sore arm after catching vs. pitching. I try to maintain a policy of...

Psychological Effects of Competition

smalltownmom ·
Hello, My name is Joey Starling and I am an incoming senior at the IB at Bartow High School. My mom enjoys this site, and I know she has learned a good bit on here that she has shared with my dad and I. I am hoping some of you might be able to help...

Youth baseball age cutoff moves

Savannah ·
-Reprint: Author Allan Simpson, Baseball America, Feb.'05 Issue #0504 -(got it today) USA Baseball has enacted a change in the age cutoff date for youth organizations that could have far-reaching ramifications for the game, possibly even affecting the...

Baseball shape - two sport athlete.

Bludevil_bk ·
2013 plays football too. He has received several personal invites to Fall College camps. Obvously the stakes are higher this fall. I believe he has not met some of these coaches. They have sought him out through word of mouth I assume...but have not...

Interesting Recruiting Dilemma

2Fast ·
I would appreciate any input on our particular situation, as follows:Our son is a highly ranked 2009 player at a private D1 high school who played against and in the same league as a 2008 first round draft pick last season. He is being heavily...

How a coach found players...

advisor ·
in this case they found him! This is a long post, but I thought it was worth the time.A lot of times, on this site, peeople ask how they can be discovered and there is an adundance of good information provided about that. In speaking with a local...

Travel Ball - Good and Bad.......

CNY2010 ·
With all of the recent posts, I thought I would chime in with my experiences in my son's journey.Mine started playing organized "coach pitch" at 8 years old. When he was 8 or 9, a coach asked me to allow him to play for his travel team. I initially...

Baseball research ... government money wasted

The NIH is a government organization. They funded this research at a university. A LL coach could have saved us a lot of money. How to catch a fly ball

Game of the Week?

baseballdad13 ·
Can anyone reasonably submit a game of the week for March 22-27? Preferably two teams with winning records or at least winning district records. Maybe top two teams in the district squaring off. I know there are great districts and bad ones but...

It's a small Baseball World, Mr. Bob Williams

Three Bagger ·
Hey Mr. Williams, about a month ago in a thread about the new Willie Mays biography you brought up a part of the book where they discussed the barnstorming "Willie Mays All Star Team of 1955 and 1956 that some would argue might have been the greatest...

Q&A Tommy John Surgey

Danny Boydston ·
**Moderators, move this to Injuries and Recovery when you deem it necessary**There are many people on here who gave me fantastic advice when it came to the recruiting process. There are also those who know and follow my son and have continually thrown...

The Impact of the Live Ball Era on Baseball

southpaw_dad ·
I know that many members of our community are passionate about both the game, and the history of the game. Last winter, SP_son did a statistical analysis to measure the impact of the introduction of the Live Ball Era on the MLB game and attendance, as...

Response to the preliminary review of 3P Sports

Steve-3P Sports ·
The team at 3P Sports appreciates the feedback everyone has provided about our program. Feedback from members, players, parents and coaches is very valuable to us and we use this feedback to continuously improve our programs.We would like to respond...

eligibility question

2b05 ·
Hi, I've been a reader of this site for a while now, and just signed up. Anyway, I have a question -- wasn't sure where to put it, but I figured it'd fit here well enough. I went to a 4-year school for two years, and did not play baseball. Then I went...

League Age Determination Discussion

I was looking around the web trying to catch up on the latest happenings with youth baseball news and ran across a very interesting FAQ post on Baseball USA website. I had never really given much thought to how league ages were determined but found...

D3 official visits and general recruiting anxiety

southwestprof ·
Hi,   Situation: 2015 son wants to use baseball as a way to get into some very selective academic schools. Over the past year, he's attended several academic baseball camps (Showball), three Ivy camps (two at same school), a Stanford and Duke...

Ivy recruiting requirements

FourBases ·
I am very new (first post!) to the site, but have been to it many times doing research on Ivy League recruiting and needed requirements. Have looked at many great posts answering many questions, specially the posts by " fenwaysouth" which are very...

Joe Bohringer interview with Andy Andres

Stats4Gnats ·
ANDY ANDRES: Joe, we're here in Phoenix at the SABR Analytics Conference in 2014. And there's a lot of folks here talking about baseball analytics, how it's grown up, where it is today, where it might go forward. One aspect of that is that we've got this huge course coming up at BU offered to thousands of people to understand sabermetrics better. But you were there a long time ago. You've been in baseball for a long time. Can you talk about the arc of the change in sabermetrics and analytics...

Comments from Dr. Jaeger

jdfromfla1 ·
I've not posted here for some time (Actually had to re-register , I submitted a thread a couple of years back on "The Convention on Over-use" and through my research met and became aquainted with Dr. Alan Jaeger, well he hit me with the following on another forum and asked if I'd share his thoughts with this here it is; (Editor’s Note: This in-depth report took more than eight weeks to research after contacting hundreds of...

Elite Pitchers Program - Driveline Baseball

Kyle Boddy ·
With summer ball winding down, the 2014-2015 off-season is nearly upon us. Driveline Baseball is once again running off-season Elite Pitcher  groups for the following ages:   -Youth (11-13) -HS / College -Pro   Kyle Boddy is the head...

2015 Play In School - College Bus Tours Announced

We have just posted dates & itineraries for the 2015 College Bus Tours. In addition to VA & NC Tours we are happy to announce the addition of a South Carolina Tour in 2015! South Carolina College Bus Tour: Aug 3 - 6, 2015 North Carolina College Bus Tour: Aug 3 - 6, 2015 Virginia College Bus Tour: Aug 10 - 13, 2015 Remember, the priority of the these trips is research based. I...

Pitching Inside

BK37 ·
I am doing research on pitching inside. Mainly looking for the intent of pitching inside to move a hitter's feet, his hips, and his hands. What tendencies of a hitter provoke the need to move any of these 3 areas on the hitter and how it sets up...

Research Project on Pitchers wearing protective headgear

lebanonbb ·
Hello all HSBW members. Most of you know me, as I have been a member of the website for quite some time, and have conversed with many of you by discussing baseball among other topics. I'm currently a junior baseball player at Bryan College in Dayton,...

JB Bukauskas shut down rest of season

showcaseNOVA · Posted: Tuesday, June 3, 2014 8:15 am | Updated: 8:22 am, Tue Jun 3, 2014. Eric Hobeck | 0 comments As a precautionary measure, Stone Bridge senior standout pitcher JB Bukauskas has been shut down for the season as a pitcher due to tendonitis in his throwing shoulder. The right-hander, who has signed with North Carolina, is appearing at the plate more often now and batted seventh in the order on Monday as the designated hitter in the Bulldogs’ 9-5 win over North Stafford in...

PG northeast showcases

CoachZ ·
hey everybody,    Im a coach in Maine who has a stand out 2016 centerfielder who wants to play college and is thinking of doing some showcases in the next couple years. Ive checked out the PG website and it looks like they have 2 showcases...

Info for recruiting

right arm of zeus ·
I am going to give a "Local Area" (about 5-6 high school) free seminar on recruiting and the things players/parents should do, I did this 3 years back and have wanted to do it again.  I cover alot of topics but was wondering if anyone wanted to...

punishments relevant to the offense

CoachZ ·
Hey everybody,    I teach at the school where I coach, (going into my 2nd year) so I get to know my players pretty well. Many of my players are multiple sport kids so I watch them play soccer, basketball, and volleyball before I get them in...

PA D3's

upthegap ·
Specifically looking for info about Marywood, St. Vincent, Alvernia and Westminster College.  We've done our share of on-line research, did a tour and met with coaches of Marywood and Alvernia with an overnight coming up soon.  2015 has...

Service Academy Admissions

Marklaker ·
From what little research I've done, admission to the service academies appears to be a difficult, lengthy process.  Is there any streamlining for athletes with the proper academic credentials? 

A "tribute" to Division III athletics

Rick at Informed Athlete ·
This seems worth sharing, although I must admit as an alumnus of Cornell College that I had not seen this until today while doing some research on school student-athlete policies.   Why We Play D-III Athletics by Sean Sornsin, baseball...

Major League Baseball and USA Baseball on the Launch of the Pitch Smart Program

For 75 years, Little League® has strived to provide children with healthy and safe baseball and softball opportunities. Little League would like to congratulate Major League Baseball and USA Baseball for the launch of their new Pitch Smart campaign, as we continue to work together to make baseball a safe, fun sport for all children. The Pitch Smart program is a collaborative effort to encourage youth baseball pitchers to adhere to strict pitch count limits with mandatory day's rest. The...

New App to Monitor Pitching

joemktg ·   It's a simple calculator with additional features, but it's based on research by Andrews, Wilk, ASMI and others.   Coming in a few weeks; iOS.

NCAA Equivalency

LHPitcher ·
I did alot of research on this website about the recruiting process which has been extremely helpful. I am going to add something to it that I wish I had known. I could have just missed it. When an offer is made to you, ask what the NCAA Equivalency...

Stride Length

nd943 ·
What should the proper stride length be in relationship to one's size. I'm about 5-7 and my stride length is about 3-6. After looking at several different mlb player's strides and doing some research I feel mine is too short. Am I correct and what is...

Im sure you guys can help me

futurecatcher27 ·
Im doing a research paper on steroid usage in baseball for english.Does anyone know of a website that has a list of say % of players caught,those who were caught,or anything that might be of some helpthanksfc27

Pitchers and Genetics

Notlongtilicantcatchim ·
Hi Folks:I am new here but, as a result of my son's lesson on the weekend, I have been researching a topic Pitchers and Genetics and have come up with little information.At ten, my son is younger than most here. The instructor has been to the Olympics...

Why would a coach Fix a Game book

Stardog ·
Anyone reading, your insight might be helpful. I find this website doing a search for any reason a High School ccoach would keep a gamebook that is highly inaccurate. We just discovered that my son's "average" by way of a paper the coach put together...

Swimming and pitchers

workinghard ·
Hi guys and gals,I know this is probably better posted in either "strenghth and conditioning" or "Pitching and Throwing", but I thought I would throw it in here and anyone can feel free to move it.I've done a little research on pitching and swimming...

College banning composite bats

Doughnutman ·
From another site that I go to:"A memo in part from the NCAA Baseball Rules Committee:SUBJECT: Composite Bat Moratorium. This correspondence is being sent on behalf of the Baseball Rules Committee, alerting the college baseball bat manufacturing...

Help With My Workout

tbone24 ·
ok alittle about me: Right now im a 5-11 165lbs junior who is the starting RF/2B for my schools varsity team. And im looking to continue my baseball career in college So im looking to improve everything about my game: Speed, Power, Armstrength, bat...

Sports Survey

Ben Paulsen ·
Hi,I am conducting research on the way people follow sports. As a result, I’m in desperate need of volunteers for an online survey (less than 5 minutes in duration) on the topic. If you have any interest in helping me out, please check out the...

"New Wave"

Bob Williams ·
In the previous discussions with Mr. or Mrs Wave, I started to think [that is dangerous for me] about education and baseball. In my work as a Real Estate Investor and Baseball event organizer, I study trends. Today, I research the new GM under 40 years of age. 1. Jon Daniels - Rangers graduated from Cornell 2. Theo Epstein - Red Sox graduated from Yale and U of San Diego Law School 3. Brian Cashman - Yankees Catholic U of America 4. Mark Shapiro - graduate from Princeton 5. Neal Huntington -...

D3 Recruiting Advice Please

MTBaseballDad ·
My son (2010) is interested in playing college ball and after doing alot of internet research and taking a few campus trips has decided several of the D3 schools in the MIAC (Minnesota) and NWC (WA/OR) are good fits. He likes the idea of a small...

2-Way Player Tommy John Rehab/Return

BK_Razorback ·
2015 son just completed PRP fora partial elbow UCL tear & will have a consultation visit with Dr James Andrews in early June with the assumption that Tommy John surgery will be needed. ACC D1 commit, PG 1st Team AA & Top 100 player dubbed as a "legit 2-way" player (MIF/RHP). From my limited research, a MIF could start hitting as early as 4 months & playing 2nd Base in 8 months. Obviously pitching will not be realistic for 12 months. Anyone with...

Letting foot off exposure recruitment gas pedal

Everyday Dad ·
Not sure if I'm going to explain myself correctly, but here goes. How do I keep my foot on the gas for my 2016's exposure recruitment profile. At the beginning, the excitement of learning the steps of this was new and interesting. Did research,...

Kentucky Wesleyan College

2014 parent ·
We have checked out the website, roster, area.......Anyone have any inside info on the baseball program? Just now starting to research it, thought I would put it out here if anyone has any info they would like to share.Any input is appreciated. 

Training Bat Question

The Great One 21 ·
I'm seeking a wood training bat that is short (around 28 inches), but close to regulation weight.  Maybe 28-30 oz. Radial Bat had a short training bat (w regular weight) that was featured in Kevin Long's hitting video a few years ago, but it...