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Loaded Bags

Melynda ·
This is a detective story so pay close attention!!!Three elderly ladies are excited about seeing their first baseball game.They smuggle a bottle of Jack Daniel's into the ball park. The game is real exciting and they are enjoying themselves immensely,...

Johann Knee signs with DIV II powerhouse Kutztown

CapitalBaseball ·
I just want to give a fatherly congratulations to my son Johann Knee of Montgomery Village, MD for his signing with the DII Kutztown Bears, Kutztown University. Although he had offers from DI schools such as Ohio, University of Miami (OH), Cleveland...

balk w/unoccupied bases

Team2Beat ·
what is the ruling for a situation where bases are unoccupied and the umpire calls a balk because the pitcher's foot gets stuck on the mound and does not deliver the pitch? shouldn't it just be called "ball?"

Playing Ball Again..

OF_Marshall07 ·
My name is Alex Puskarich and I am 21 and enlisted in the military. I am looking to play baseball when I get out of the military. After recovering from Tommy John surgery, my arm is stronger than ever. I play outfield/infield and am hoping to get a...

Sore arm

Loghyr ·
My son is in 8u. We just started practice about 3 weeks ago for LL - machine pitch. Last week he started complaining about a soreness in his throwing arm.I've kept things light, mainly working on confidence catching the ball. Today, I was trying to...

Batter interference

jjk ·
R1 and R2, < two outs. Runners break on a passed ball in the dirt to the 3rd Base side, catcher picks it out of the dirt and while throwing to 3b, hand and ball contact batter's helmet who is good 3-5 feet out of the batters box backing away from...

So where exactly was ESPN?

hokieone ·
Many of you I'm sure have awaited the results of my old timers game performance (I prefer "classic", thank you very much), so here you go: Pre-game: big breakfast and nothing to eat within 5 hours of game time, except advil and water. If it ain't in...

Does the run count?

IndianaBBFan ·
2 outs, bases loaded. Ball is hit to 2nd and he throws to first. Runner tags first base. Umpire calls him out, then gives a safe signal because the 1st baseman never caught the ball. Runner, hearing that he was called out, starts to the dugout then...

To all the parents of college players...

LabattsBlue ·
When your son was a little fella was he a dominant player? Was he a late bloomer? Was it natural ability? Hard work? or both? When did you realize you had something special? Did you push your son? Or did he constantly push you?It's nice to dream, my...

Sorry Blue

catcher09 ·
I have to apologize to the men in blue for a mistake that my 14U catcher son made. Man on third, two strikes, called strike three. My son starts toward the dugout and tosses the ball to the home plate umpire. Instinctively the umpire catches the ball...

Hypothetical flyball/appeal situation

Jan Willem ·
I have got a question on a hypothetical situation:Less then two out and a runner on 1st base. The batter hits one deep in left field and the runner thinks it won't be cought, rounds 2nd, but then he can see the ball is cought. Therefore he has to go...

"A" ball coach

Fungo ·
Nice article in USA today about life in MILB and "A" coach Ryne SandbergUSA Today article

Things I love about players parents...

bulldog4ever ·
Let's give it one last ole college try here.1. Every dad could have played pro ball but their HS coach screwed them.2. When their kid is batting every called third strike is a foot outside.3. When their kid is pitching and loses, the umpire was...

Train like a Major League Infielder

Big League Prep · Infield Camp (Plano, Tx) Session 1Ages 9-11Location: Extra Innings -Plano, TXSaturday, January 14, 2012 to Sunday, January 15, 2012Starts: 9:00am / Ends: 11:30amCamp Cost: $135.00Camp...

Pitcher tags base-stealer; Balk?

jamesm ·
Noboby out, runner at second with a righty on the mound. Runner is not held and takes HUGE lead. Pitcher steps off (behind the rubber)with his right foot. Runner stays put, daring a throw. Pitcher runs at runner with ball. Runner is surprised,...

OVC Announces All Conference teams

Tenndad ·
2005 All-Ohio Valley Conference Baseball TeamsFIRST TEAMC - Donald Cheney (Morehead State) - 6'0, 205, So. - Cridersville, Ohio 1B - Bryan Ingram (Morehead State) - 6'3, 215, Sr. - Hamilton, Ohio2B - Lance Seasor (Morehead State) - 5'9, 165, Sr. -...

Does THIS run count?

tzz ·
two outs.runners on 2 and 3rd.batter hits ground ball to pitcher.force out at 1st for 3rd out.runner at third crosses plate before out at 1st is scores or not?thanks.


TexasHoldEm ·
i just want to take a minute to thank everyone on this board or has contributed something. I've learned a lot and I know my dad has over the last couple years checking out the site. I learned that you need to keep your mouth shut sometimes because...

easy one: fair or foul?

tzz ·
ground ball is fair but bounces over the base and lands foul on the other side of the base.fair or foul? is it the location of the ball while in the air over the base? where it lands? or where it touched before flying over the base?thanks.

long tossing in a cage

4luvofthegame ·
I was wondering since my dad isn't home much during the day in order for me to long toss, could I go in a batting cage a throw the balls like I'm throwing to someone about 300 ft. away and the ball would just hit the cage?

obstruction by whom?

Wooden bat ·
A shot to center field --player rounds third-- throw to home---catcher comes down the line ten feet and is crouched down on the line fumbling for the ball-- collision ensues- what is the call by homeplate umpire?

Jacob Logan - prayers for family and Coppell community

Rounding 3rd ·
Although he focused on his football skills recently, those who remember J-Lo on the baseball field extend our deepest sympathy to the Logan family and Coppell community for their tragic loss this weekend.From his time in youth ball with the Coppell...

International or College?

catcher44 ·
I was wondering what you all thought. Would it be better for a kid right out of highschool to go to college or go play pro ball internationally? I have talked to many people and have considered possibly Canada or Japan. If things go my way Id like...

Travel Ball nightmare

RonBon ·
We have 4 games left in the most expensive lesson I have ever learned.We paid $1500 plus uniform. Which was $235.That gave us 9 tournaments plus a nationals.It was supposed to include two paid coaches, practice field rental, indoor rental, and game...


lancek ·
my son is 13 and currently playing rec ball ,school ball is finished.he is a very good shortstop and started on his school team in 7th grade.looking for a good college camp in the nc/sc area!any suggestions would be appreciated.also he has not played...

do curveballs hurt your arm

ball-slinger21 ·
I am a freshman and pitch for varsity. I know from experience a breaking pitch of some kind is essential on the high school level. So far my curve ball hasn't given me any arm trouble. I was just wandering When properly thrown does it hurt you over...

We Want Bob - We want Bob!

mrmom ·
Who thinks it would be fitting to "name the Ball ParK" so to speak in honor of Bob.We could ask the new owner to name the message boards. What do ya think HSBBWEBSTERS?Pardon Bob but some ideas allbeit corny - but well meaning!1. Bob's ballboard2....

How'd your Memorial Weekend Tournament go?

CADad ·
Not real pretty in our case although there were some high points. We're mostly a 13yo team but we do have a 14yo pitcher who turned 14 on Wednesday. His dad called Friday night to say that he had warts removed from his hands and couldn't play. He had...

Wellington votes to merge kids' baseball leagues

Bolts-Coach-PR ·
... The change also forces children to play recreational baseball in order to play travel ball...,0,2172405.story

Lakeside Cardinals Fall Ball

Ballplayer40 ·
I am a incoming senior in high school and am interested in playing fall ball. My coach recommend I contact the Lakeside Cardinals about their fall program. Does anyone know how I can contact them? I would greatly appreciate it.

BIG Baseball Academy - Skyscraper League

Dolphin Mom ·
B.I.G. (Best Instruction Guaranteed) Baseball Academy is an organization that is staffed with former professional baseball players from the Chicago area. The academy specializes in teaching kids the correct way to play baseball, and how to enjoy...

Promoting your son

Fungo ·
We would all like for our sons to “move up”. Things could happen very rapidly without much outside help from the parent with the exception of paying for the necessities and devoting most of their free time to travel. Then again things...

summer ball

tigermom5 ·
Hey Ladies,How is summer ball going? My son is playing for the love of the game this summer and i have never seen him happier. No more waiting for phone calls or watching for recruiters. He even got to catch this summer. I hope everyone is having a...

u15/u16 Northern IL pitcher/ third baseman for fall ball

wildcat8 ·
My name is Nate Carlson. I am going to be a sophomore next year. I led my Libertyville Freshman team in era. I was wondering if anyone had a fall team opening.

I'm a little sad now

InfieldMom ·
Actually I am a little sad and jealous of you other moms. My youngest ended his jr. high baseball season with their second loss in a tournament last Friday. We really thought we had the first game won, but the umpire wasn't very consistent at the...

Best Kind of Baseball

08Dad ·
Well the easy answer is the best kind of baseball is the game you are at... but given a choice, and taking the cost into account, would the fans on this site prefer to go to:A Major League gameB Minor League gameC College game - including summer...


Texas1836 ·
There are a few baseball books on my desk at work. It's Friday afternoon and I picked up "Montana Summer" by Tom Yankus. A friend played under Yankus. I enjoyed Yankus recollection of his first conversation with Jack McKeon (manager) when the former...

summer 2009 baseball

pmarett ·
My son is a 16 year old pitcher. He would like to play competitive summer ball but there is no such thing anywhere near our isolated abode. He can live with friends/family in Atlanta or NYC/LI. How do I find a team for him?Plus, please explain to this...

climbing chalk over rosin?

Junkballer ·
I heard from one of my fellow players that climbing chalk works better than rosin at keeping your hand dry and improving grip on the ball. Has anyone ever tried it? and is it legal?

What do a Bum and a Krak Have In Common with Paris?

Krakatoa ·
I follow some of the guys my son has played summer ball with in the Seattle area the last couple years and noticed that my son's earliest friend, from 13 or 14 years ago (before we left for Korea), Paris Shewey, is now a WSU Cougar, and a pitcher...

Baseball and Swimming

larrythompson ·
My 11 year old is a highly ranked swimmer here in MD. He is very accomplished in all 4 strokes and swims year around. He is also a baseball player, and a pretty good one at that.But...this weekend he pitched an inning and the coach from the other team...

Catcher's Video Analysis Throwing Camp August 18-19th

Registration is now open for our first Video Analysis Throwing Camp!At the camp, video will be featured throughout each of the 2 days. A lot of the group instruction will include going over video of high-level throws from MLB players to Team USA Fast...

Non-Dominant Shoulder Dislocation..questions

slatts ·
Hey everyone,this past thursday I dislocated my non throwing shoulder diving for a ball down the line. As a collegiate athlete I went to my team orthopedist, who after reviewing xrays told me that nothing was fractured or broken (thankfully). She also...

Interesting Recruiting Dilemma

2Fast ·
I would appreciate any input on our particular situation, as follows:Our son is a highly ranked 2009 player at a private D1 high school who played against and in the same league as a 2008 first round draft pick last season. He is being heavily...

Home plate obstruction

lamont4 ·
Runner at 2nd, batter hits to right field, fielder throws ball to catcher who catches the ball just to left of the plate, immediately gets plowed by the runner, catcher holds and shows ball. Runner is called safe on catcher obstruction. High school ...

Propane Heater Recall!!

Kungaloosh ·
I know this might be only slightly on topic, but I though I'd let everyone know since many folks probably use these things at ball games.Hubby bought me a two-burner propane heater at Home Depot for Christmas that attaches to a standard grill tank. We...

Hit in the arm

Allstar20 ·
I have two questions.During my scrimmage game yesterday, I was hit in the arm (left)and blue gave me a strike saying my arm was in the strike zone. I am right handed batter. What's the call?My dad has been keeping score for years with a program called...

Defensive player slips in mud

playamom ·
So the defensive player makes a great play stopping/fielding the ball and then slips and is unable to make the throw to get batter out. Is this an error or a hit???

Looking for Legion Baseball in Tampa, fl.

Coach Jorge ·
As a new resident of Tampa, Fl. I've come to learn about American Legion Baseball in Florida and how it works. I'm seeking information specifically regarding Legion Ball in the Tampa area. My son is a left-handed pitcher/1st baseman and getting ready...

New coach needs help!

CoachG ·
Hi, this is my first season coaching JV baseball at a high school near my college. I have a long time background in baseball and was a pretty decent player myself.But coaching is another game and im struggling with the FUNGO bat!!!I not too bad with...