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Baylor pitcher

Bighit15 ·
Mark Mccormack looked like seasoned pro today. Great to see a pitcher with that kind of stuff in college. I was rooting for Clemson and some of the kids I have seen and know, but the Baylor pitcher is a stud. Wow, St. Louis has a new starter as soon...

Luna headed - Pro

HaltomScout ·
Aaron Luna headed for pro ball Rice outfielder and former Southlake Carroll star Aaron Luna is now a professional baseball player. He agreed to terms with the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night. Luna was a 9th-round draft pick and is set to report...

Players Wanted Wood bat baseball and living in the Portland OR Area 18+

nwibl ·
Play Baseball in Portland this SummerSemi-Pro, College and Adult Teams 22 Games Played in Historic Sckavone Stadium, Walker Stadium Portland and Volcanoes Stadium in KeizerAre you a Graduating Varsity High School or College Baseball player with a...

Indy Bulls/ Sparks Scout Day

sulltiger24 ·
Great job to all those involved in putting together this terrific event yesterday at St.Joes college in Indiana . About 50 colleges and a few pro scouts in attendance . Colleges/ scouts got a good look at all the players at their perspective positions...

Critical Time Rapidly Approaching

rdfrazier ·
My kid will be a junior in HS next school year. He played full time in RF on varsity this past season. He got off to a slow start and ended up with a .255 ba and around .450 ob. He played good defensively. He got the academic poty award for baseball....

Baum Bat

DiamondJane ·
Hi, I'm hoping someone with a Baum bat can help. My son just received a AAA Pro model off of ebay, and while I realize it is a composite bat, it feels like it's plastic to me. The bat itself is not smooth, lots of tiny, tiny little bumps on it. Also...

New Forum Started - Going Pro

MN-Mom ·
Recently bbscout posted a thread entitled HSBBWEB??? in which he pointed out that many of the players who started out here discussing high school baseball are now playing in college, or even in professional baseball.We already have a forum for "After...

Top Illinois Seniors at Kaiser Memorial Game

Another quality event kicks off tomorrow the annual Jack Kaiser Memorial Game which is run by the Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association. The Kaiser Game is named after legendary Oak Park coach Jack Kasier. Their goal is to attract some of...

Question about the Draft and being in College

Chuck ·
Ok heres my deal, Im going to a division 1 school next year to play ball, I didn't enter the draft because i would of been selected very late. I feel that I'm getting better with every outing as i proceed into my first year of college. And i believe...

What is a college education?

Fungo ·
Many players and parents will be faced with college or pro decisions in the near future. Let me give you my feelings of what has happened to my son over his last three years of college and his subsequent decision to turn pro after his junior year of...

Texas Baseball Showcase

2008 Summer Baseball Showcases 100+ College & Pro Scouts Invited to Attend DEMONSTRATE & ELEVATE YOUR POTENTIAL •Expose Your Physical Potential Critical to aiding in development, pinpoint your strengths and develop a training plan with your coaches. Show the scouts your desire to improve. •Enhance Your Mental Game Baseball is 90% mental and scouts look for players with total ability to contribute to their team. At these showcases, you can truly show...

20U national championship tournament

Ryan Robinson ·
If you have or know of a front line 20U team please have them contact Jake Whitfield if they can play in the 20U national championship tournament at Tallahassee Community College and Florida A&M university in early august. Jake's number is...

Palomino Baseball at Lynnhaven

saipanwarrior ·
Lynnhaven Pony Baseball will have a Palomino Team (17/18) this year. The team will consist of high school varsity players from the following Beach Schools (PA, FC, Cox, Ocean Lakes, Kellam). We will start play sometime in the middle of June to late...

Nike Catcher's gear Opinion

cboz18 ·
I am in the market to buy some new gear before college and was debating on sticking with All Star or going with the Nike Pro Gold gear. Anyone on here having any opinions reguarding the Nike gear? Ive only used easton and all star gear and didnt know...

Mid-Atlantic Mets Player ID Camp Aug 16 & 17

DDbaseballClub ·
The Mid Atlantic Mets will be holding a player ID camp for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 high school graduates on the weekend of August 16 and 17. At this event the Mid Atlantic Mets will look to identify prospective players for their Fall 2008 and...

So where exactly was ESPN?

hokieone ·
Many of you I'm sure have awaited the results of my old timers game performance (I prefer "classic", thank you very much), so here you go: Pre-game: big breakfast and nothing to eat within 5 hours of game time, except advil and water. If it ain't in...

East coast pro

SoxFan1630 ·
What major league teams take part in the East Coast Pro showcase?

New Glove?

BaseballNH8 ·
Which is the best glove out of these 4, for a Shortstop? And which web is the best for a Shortstop? I think i'm going with a 11.5, is there any better size for a middle infeilder Shortstop?Type of GloveRawlings HOHRawlings Pro PerferredWilson...

Two young rising stars in Pro Baseball

ClevelandDad ·
They both play in small media markets so don't know if many of you have seen them play that much. But, it looks to me like the future could not be any brighter for Justin Morneau of the Minnisota Twins and Grady Sizemore of the Cleveland Indians. I...

Things I love about players parents...

bulldog4ever ·
Let's give it one last ole college try here.1. Every dad could have played pro ball but their HS coach screwed them.2. When their kid is batting every called third strike is a foot outside.3. When their kid is pitching and loses, the umpire was...

Proud Parent

hsbbweb ·
I have rarely (maybe never) done this but today for some reason I feel the need to do so .... I am going to post an email that we received from our son Andy, this morning. As most of you know I have a hard time bragging about either of our sons. Both...

All Star CM3000

Catch43 ·
Has anyone used this glove? It looks like a great glove and am seriously considering it. Right now I use HOH, and its time for a change. I'm considering A2K, Pro Preffered Models and this All Star Glove which looks like it breaks in really well. Any ...

Is BB going to suffer another scandal ?

BobbleheadDoll ·
There have been some BB executives accused of skimming money from the Cuban players bonuses. Apparently the FBI is called in to invesigate these sccustaions. Another black eye for pro BB ?***OOPS ... Bbblehead ... sorry but I meant to quote you on...

International or College?

catcher44 ·
I was wondering what you all thought. Would it be better for a kid right out of highschool to go to college or go play pro ball internationally? I have talked to many people and have considered possibly Canada or Japan. If things go my way Id like...

What coaches look for?

njbaseballkid2015 ·
What do coaches look for, or prefer more? An athletic player with raw talent that needs work? Or a solid ballplayer that isn't the best athlete?

Registration ending soon for many of the remaining TPX Top 96 Baseball Showcases

extrainnings ·
Registration for many of the remaining 18 TPX Top High School Baseball Showcases scheduled around the US are closing soon. Be sure to register soon.TPX Top 96 The Louisville Slugger/TPX Top 96 is the premier baseball showcase for the top high school...

Do players Honestly know they are pro prospects or not

Dibble ·
Do players Honestly know they are pro prospects or notSaw this happen recently a number of players showed up unannounced or not invited to a pre draft showcase.The MLB scouts were nice enough to work out them out after the invite players were...

Pop time

Rob Kremer ·
Does anybody know what would be considered excellent pop times for catchers at different ages?For instance, what is a good and an average pop time in high school, college and pro? I've seen some of the HS and college top prospects at 2.0 seconds, with...

At what level does is it become fair for the media to criticize?

justbaseball ·
I remember the first time a local newspaper wrote an article about our son's performance in a game that wasn't titled too nicely. Kind of threw me back a tad. No big deal really. It was about 'game performance' and was more or less accurate...just a...

Wichita Sluggers Indoor Showcase

KSBASEBALL04 (Guest) ·
The Wichita Sluggers Academy will be hosting it's 2nd annual Indoor Showcase December 27, 2003 in Wichita KS. Junior College coaches and Pro Scouts will be attending this showcase. This is a dead time for D1 Schools. The scouts will be pasing on...

Best Kind of Baseball

08Dad ·
Well the easy answer is the best kind of baseball is the game you are at... but given a choice, and taking the cost into account, would the fans on this site prefer to go to:A Major League gameB Minor League gameC College game - including summer...

AFL Rising Stars Game

J H ·
This Saturday at 5 PM MST, MLB Network will broadcast the Arizona Fall League "Rising Stars" game, showcasing the best of the best from the well-respected league. I know it has been already discussed in the "Going Pro" forum but I figured it may get...

gained velocity now what?

Throw90+ ·
Hi,. Im a Freshman DI college pitcher looking for advice from former college or pro pitchers or coaches. In high school i used to average around an 83 fastball but was known to get up to 88. A year later (now) after strength gains and core strength...

Interesting Recruiting Dilemma

2Fast ·
I would appreciate any input on our particular situation, as follows:Our son is a highly ranked 2009 player at a private D1 high school who played against and in the same league as a 2008 first round draft pick last season. He is being heavily...

Best Coming out songs for baseball

indianaman05 ·
i wanna know what some players, if they get to have songs to come out, what songs do you guys prefer. do you prefer rap, rock, or reggae such as bob i personally would like to walk up to the plate to "we jammin" by none other than the...

Tulsa Obrien park showcase

Husker 25 ·

Pitching/Hitting Instruction in the Tyler Area?

Dirtbag ·
Can anyone tell me of a good pitching/hitting instructor in the Tyler, Tx area? Preferrably someone with some minor league/pro experience.

Draft Rounds

grasscutter ·
I'm trying to find information online which can equate mlb draft round selection to "typical" contract content, i.e. signing bonus, overall contract value, etc. Any help out there? Prefer not to have to subscribe if possible.

DeKalb Invitational At Northern Illinois University Opens Up Thursday 8am

woodly ·
Diamond Sports Promotions opens up tourney play in the DeKalb Inv. on Thursday morning at 8am... This will be a jv tourney and a varsity tourney combined into one big eventj-- 36 totAL teams- 12 JV- 24 VarsityIllinois Sparks 16u, Schaumburg Seminoles,...

Newsflash: Limom84 can be a normal person!

Bullwinkle ·
Welcome Bullwinkle has joined the chat. [Bullwinkle] Hello to anyone! limom84 has joined the chat. [limom84] hi [limom84] hello? any1 there [Bullwinkle] hello [limom84] r u a playa or parent [Bullwinkle] Dad [Bullwinkle] u? [limom84] Mom, silly [Bullwinkle] that is the big question... is it true? [limom84] what r u talking about [Bullwinkle] the styles of your writing [Bullwinkle] seems to change [limom84] of course, i'm a mom. i'm moody 2 [limom84] do u like the styles as u call them...

Pokers from FAU or X Team Invitational

Pitcher ·
I am a HS varsity pitcher looking for an open spot on an elite summer team in south florida.I need a contact so that I can possibly try out for either the x-team I hear plays out of Broward Community College during the summer or trying out for the...

HS BA for Players Hoping To Play College

AgentDad ·
I am curious. For those of you who have been through the recruiting process, what kind of BA are college coaches looking for in players coming out of HS? I know that .300 is a landmark for pro players and expect it to be notably higher for HS.Please...

UGA over-recruited?

YoungGunDad ·
It has just been told to a 2008 graduate who was recruited by UGA and signed early last November that he must attend a JUCO the next 2 years to develop. The HC said that they had expected more players to sign Pro and didn't, therefore, over-recruited...


4luvofthegame ·
As you have probably noticed players in college and pro usally have music when they come to bat. What is your opinion on some good music to come out to.

Wood bats vs Aluminum

Marshals ·
I want to get everyones opinion pro or con on the wood bat being used in baseball over the aluminum bat. I bring this up because recently I was the recipient of a line drive that got drilled into our dugout and hit me in the face fracturing my eye...

Illinois Wesleyan

mythreesons ·
Would appreciate any insight into the IWU baseball program. We've heard very mixed reviews of the coaching staff - love the facility and the academics, but we'd really like to hear from some who have played there. PM me if you prefer.

Pro tryouts

Our hs soph. catcher just received an invitation to a MLB tryout. Any helpful advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for FALL '05 Showcase Tournaments

JT ·
A "showcase team" of 06 and 07 players from Central VA (Lynchburg area) is looking for tournaments beginning mid-Aug and running through early November. Team willing to travel north to PA, south to SC, and west to TN. They prefer wood bat...

Best Showcases in Mid-Atlantic Area

larrythompson ·
HSBBWEBers...many of you know I'm not a huge fan of the showcase stuff. Enough said. However, I would like to be able to identify showcases in the extended Mid-Atlantic area (MD, DE, VA, NC, WV, NY, PA) that have proven track records. I frequently am...

DB Pro Scout Team Update

Coachee ·
Still need a few more arms aka pitchers, contact