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New to site, very impressed! Another reason to stay up too late, thanks... Surprised didn't find much info on Zepp (there's my answer!). 10u, like most of yours, is BBall obsessed and can't get enough practice time/feedback. He saw cousins use GoPro for skiing and now his sales pitch is it would help him with BBall analysis. Now he came cross Zepp.  These are high $$, I feel 10u age may be 2 years early to use technology to turn the data into better outcomes. Agree/disagree? Personally, I agree they could be fun gadgets and I am just dangerous enough to appreciate data/swing analysis. Just think it might be cool and fun vs. actionable. 


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I think the Zepp system can provide some excellent feedback and information but I would caution that there are a few significant issues you should be conscience of.


  1. There is great danger that the Zepp can become like standardized testing in the school system.  The player begins to be analyzed based on data improvement and not swing improvement and as a result "shortcuts" are used to improve the numbers without improving the fundamental swing.  As an example if I force my hips open early to drive the bat head through the zone at a higher speed I have improved the data but I have hindered my fundamental swing. I can also go buy the latest in kids big bats with a drop 40 (ok maybe an exaggeration 6, 10, 12?) weight and swing at light speed with poor fundamentals.
  2. The primary purpose of the Zepp system is to establish a data set that a player / coach can use to facilitate training.  This is only accomplished when you are using it in conjunction with a skilled teacher and baseball expert that can actually turn the information into positive performance.
  3. It can move the focus on baseball particularly at younger ages from fun and learning to something else.  If the player loves the game and is enjoying it they will get better through sound instruction, perfect practice and repetition

This is just an opinion but until a player is physically mature (14 - 16) and using an adult bat (BBCOR or wood) there is as much potential for harm as for benefit.


My thought leans toward making sure your son: A. Loves and enjoys baseball, B. receives coaching that provides fundamental tools needed to succeed, C. Practices perfectly to reinforce the sound coaching, D. Learns to eat well, exercise well and play and enjoy other sports to build all around athleticism.


I appreciate technology and my best purchase in terms of technology that results in improvement has been an App called "Coaches Eye:  It has allowed us to take short clips of practice or games and analyze successes and failures to identify things my eyes are too old to pick up in live speed.  Little tweaks like hand drop or drift, timing of hip drive, casting the hands etc. can be seen and corrected. The app is a few dollars and it is something we can do together and 2017 is learning to self critique which is also fun to see. 


P.S.: it can also show you how bad your golf swing is so don't use it for ego was crushed!!!


Enjoy the site and best of luck with the BB season!

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Thank you very much for the succint and well written reply, might have something to do with the MD in your title.  We are on the same page, especially related to the forsaking the swing progression for sake of numbers. I can easily see my son being focused soley on the numbers and moving away from the months of work he put into his swing. He loves to compete and I feel this is one competition that would have intended consequences. For now, continue to support his desire to keep getting better while keeping a realistic, everyday approach to it. The nutrition part - that is a whole other thread I need to look up. I have had success and misses as a parent; i have flat out failed in the nutrition department with my boys. They have zero body fat, look like swimmers with the body make up but can't imagine what the insides look like. Ugh...

My 16U has had a Zepp since the fall.  I used to say its a nice toy, but that coupled with video can actually be a pretty helpful tool in analyzing and working on his swing.


At 10U I would invest the money in working with a hitting coach if you have a decent one in your area.  I would wait a few years to get this.  

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